Star Trek Picard Season 3: New Movie With Picard Crew? 

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Star Trek Picard season 3 marks the end of the series. But will the finale be followed by a movie? Star Jonathan Frakes at least hints in that direction!

The new trailer for “Star Trek: Picard” Season 3 has just been released and a new villain has been introduced, and superstar Jonathan Frakes is already making the “Star Trek” rumor mill boil. He hints that Season 3 won’t be the Picard crew’s final adventure after all. Is there another movie coming?

  • Next year, the final season of “Star Trek: Picard” begins streaming and introduces a new “Star Trek” villain!
  • “Star Trek: Picard” season 3 is supposed to be the finale of the series and the new trailer advertises the “final adventure”.
  • Will Riker star Jonathan Frakes now hints that it could continue after the end of “Star Trek: Picard”.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 will stream on February 16, 2023 on Paramount+. The third season is also set to be the finale of the popular sci-fi series, and this will be celebrated with the return of numerous stars from The Next Century (TNG). However, Jonathan Frakes now hints at a future after the end of the series …

The veteran of the “Star Trek” universe , who is also the director of ” Star Trek: Discovery ” and ” Star Trek: Strange New Worlds “, shares the new trailer for “Star Trek: Picard” Season 3 on Twitter . He takes up the motto of the trailer “The last adventure begins” and comments: “Maybe not the last…”

Star Trek: What is Jonathan Frakes hinting at?

So Jonathan Frakes’ tweet can be interpreted in such a way that the end of ” Star Trek: Picard ” is not necessarily the end of his role – or the end of the Picard crew. There have been rumors before that Patrick Stewart and his TNG colleagues would reunite for a movie after the end of “Picard” . Has Frakes dropped the bombshell?

A new “Star Trek” film has been in the planning for years and now anything is possible. From a return of the “Star Trek Beyond” crew to a film about Picard or a whole new crew. However, a new film is only a matter of time, because the franchise hasn’t been as popular and successful as “Star Trek” is at the moment.

Frakes could also aim his tweet at directing other “Star Trek” adventures or returning with ” Star Trek: Lower Decks “. He already had a cameo appearance in the animated series. However, the motto of the trailer refers to the entire crew – and thus determines Frakes’ comment.

So it’s not unlikely that a little surprise awaits us after the end of “Star Trek: Picard”. It is necessary to wait and see. We’ll keep you up to date and list all the “Star Trek” new releases !

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