Squid Game Season 2: Horror shooting – doctors come into action

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The shooting for the second “Squid Game” season has now started. Already on the first day, doctors were used in several cases.

“Squid Game” hit Netflix like a bomb two years ago. The Korean series made it to the top of the streaming charts worldwide and is considered Netflix’s most successful format of all time. Of course, it was clear that there would be another season, and now filming has started in London.

There is also a reunion with an old acquaintance, the doll Young-Hee, which in the game “Red Light – Green Light” the teammates by a shooting system into the afterlife, seems to claim their victims again in the sequel. This time, filming took place in an airplane hangar near London, apparently causing some strain among the extras assigned to another round of “Red Light – Green Light.”

Squid Game Season 2: Netflix Denies No Serious Injuries

The filming in the hangar took place with outside temperatures in the minus range. The long wait between takes probably made some of the more than 450 extras uncomfortable. Despite hand warmers and thermal underwear being distributed, there were medical emergencies, according to witnesses. Rescue workers and doctors were called in several times. The Sun even reported on extras who had to be taken away on a stretcher.

Netflix announced immediately after the allegations became known that there had been no serious injuries to the participants. However, it was confirmed that it had been very cold. Apparently, all participants are well up, but it shows how grueling the filming was already at the beginning. However, it must have been clear to the extras what they were getting into. After all, the content of “Squid Game” is not exactly squeamish. Netflix does not yet have an exact start date for season two.

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