Somebody: Netflix K-Drama Release Date, Cast, Plot

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In November 2022, Netflix will release the intriguing new k-drama series Somebody, a psychological thriller. Somebody, starring Kim Young Kwang from Hello, Me! and rising star Kang Hae Lim in her Netflix debut, is sure to appeal to Netflix viewers. We maintain tabs on the Somebody movie’s plot, cast updates, trailer availability, and most crucially, its Netflix release date.

Somebody, a brand-new South Korean psychological thriller series, will be created by Han Ji Wan and directed by Tune in for Love’s Jung Ji Woo (The Ghost Detective). The narrative of Someone was influenced by the American psychological thriller American Psycho.

Somebody Release Date

Someone will be released by Friday, November 18, 2022. The series has only recently been accessible. Many K-drama fans eagerly await the release of fresh episodes whenever they become available on Netflix.

We are learning all the brand-new information about the series as there are only a few days left until its premiere. The show’s key actors are also quite enthusiastic about the new season. We will soon see the release of Someone, after which we can see the entire series.

Somebody Storyline

Somebody: Netflix K-Drama Release Date, Cast, Plot
Somebody © Netflix

Developer who recently launched a dating app is the main character of the show. She has been trying to connect with someone despite being something of an introvert. Later, she and her companions go into trouble after being involved in a murder.

They were not aware that such things were happening. However, they were all dragged into this dangerous situation and ended up in trouble. The series’ title is derived from the name of the developed software, “Somebody.”

In the end, everything is connected to the dating app she created. Then there is crime and other risky circumstances that are by no means safe. Additionally, a man who just so happens to be monitoring everything she does exists as a result of the app. The series’ narrative then begins.

When these things start to happen, Som, the person who created the app, begins to look into what actually happened. She has a friend who is a detective that can assist her. They will be helped by Ki Eun and another of her buddies, Mok Won.

Seeing all of these situations play out throughout the series will be both fascinating and exciting. Any K-dramas that are associated with Netflix are almost certainly fairly well-known.

Somebody Cast Members

Somebody: Netflix K-Drama Release Date, Cast, Plot
Somebody © Netflix

Kang Hae Lim

Kang Hae will be making her Netflix debut here, and she’ll be playing one of the series’ main characters. She and Som are the central figures of Somebody. She previously performed as Park Hye-Rim in the television series Live On.

She appeared in the television series Govengers and quickly rose to fame. She has gained greater popularity and fans while having only a few jobs.

Kim Young Kwang 

This will be Kim Young Kwang’s second collaboration with Netflix; he has previously worked there. He had previously worked on the romantic comedy sitcom Hello, Me! He portrayed Sung Yon Oh, a character who was well-liked by the audience.

Runway Cop, Hot Young Bloods, The Soul-Mate, On Your Wedding Day, and many other movies include his work. Sweet Stranger and Me, D-Day, Pinocchio, The Guardians, and most recently The Secret Life of My Secretary are some of his television series works.

He has a large international following base thanks to his appearances in the web series Gogh, The Starry Night, Sweet Stranger, and Me.

Kim Yong Ji

She’ll be portraying Mok Won in the play. After The King: Eternal Monarch and Mr. Sunshine, this will be her third Netflix project. She first had a supporting role in The King before getting the starring one.

She has also starred in numerous music videos, including those for Oasis, Toy, and I Got the Blues. She made her stage debut with Mr. Sunshine. Her other writings include Running Man, Doom Doom, Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, Rustle, and many more.

Kim Soo Yeon

Kim Soo will portray the role of Ki Eun in the TV series Somebody. For the first time in her web series career, she will play this in the series. She has been in numerous television dramas, such as Dinosaur Teacher, Drama Game, You Can’t Stop Mom, 05, Reporting for Duty, I Love You I Love You, Ad Madness, All About Eve, Mom and Sister, Autumn Shower, Iris, and many more.

Her appearances in music videos include those for Why Is the Sky, Endless Sorrow, Classic, Fluttering, Diary of a Day, and others. Many of her music videos have gained recognition and a sizable following abroad.

Where to Watch K-Drama Somebody?

A Netflix official series, Somebody is a forthcoming thriller. As a result, it will be made available on Netflix, its official streaming partner. On November 18, 2022, the day of release, Somebody will be available for streaming on Netflix to viewers worldwide.

Netflix Within a few weeks, the K-Drama Someone will be launched. After that, viewers may watch the forthcoming K-drama on Netflix. The long wait is over for fans who have been eager to watch the new season. The arrival of the series will be especially exciting for K-drama lovers at this point.

Somebody Trailer Release

The show’s developers have made the Somebody trailer public. The upcoming thriller series’ trailer is available to viewers. Speaking of the trailer, it contains a lot of dramatic scenes that will pique your interest in the story.

Every time we see the trailer for a new thriller series, it is also exciting. due to the plot and the actors. Fans like to watch their favorite stars in various roles. And it feels great, given their new roles and how they look.

The most recent trailer for the new television series Somebody is now available for fans to view and learn more about the story.

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