‘Single’s Inferno’ creator UNVEILS new Reality Show on Adulthood

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Prepare for an exciting ride as Netflix‘s very own producer, Kim Jae-won takes us on a wild ride from the world of dating to the exhilarating world of adulthood. Following the huge success of his hit show Single’s Inferno, Kim is now preparing for the release of a new reality series titled Nineteen to Twenty. This fascinating show, which premieres on July 11, aims to captivate viewers just like Single’s Inferno, with its unique focus on the transforming experiences of a group of teenagers entering adulthood.

'Single's Inferno' creator UNVEILS new Reality Show on Adulthood

A bumpy coming-of-age story

Kim Jae-won emphasized his delight in creating a production that stood in stark contrast to Single’s Inferno. If the latter shows the dating escapades of adolescents, Nineteen to Twenty takes us on an exciting coming-of-age journey, offering a fresh and exciting departure from the world of Single’s Inferno. For a group of young adults on the verge of adulthood, the final week of their teenage years becomes an exploration of greater independence and thrilling ‘firsts.’ It’s a wild ride as they manage the highs and lows of embracing adulthood while saying goodbye to their carefree teenage years. Watch the trailer for the show below.

A sneak peek into the show

The show’s cast members, all born in 2004, embark on a two-week adventure together in the heart-pounding series. They take lessons designed to prepare them for the challenges of their twenties while also participating in a variety of exciting activities. There is one strict restriction they must follow, however: no dating. The series teaches vital life skills beyond the classroom as students explore their new roles as adults. However, with their youthful spirits and rebellious souls, certain cast members are pulled irresistibly to test the boundaries of forbidden love, adding an extra element of drama and mystery to the performance.

The show features a stellar cast of hosts, including the beloved Cho Kyu-hyun, Kim Ji-Eun, AKMU’s Lee Suhyun, and Jeong Sewoon. They will help the young contestant move from teens to adulthood by guiding them through this crucial phase of their lives.

Mark your calendars for July 11, 2023, when Nineteen to Twenty will premiere, giving viewers a front-row ticket to the magical moments in these young adults’ lives as they take their first steps into adulthood. With its unique premise and departure from the dating-centric world of Single’s Inferno, this new reality show promises to ignite the same level of passion and intrigue that made its predecessor a sensation. Prepare to be amazed, captivated, and filled with a nostalgic longing for the wonderful possibilities that lay ahead.

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