Shadow Detective Season 2 on Disney+: Who is Lee Sung-min’s Detective Taek-rok?

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The second season launch date for the Disney+ original series “Shadow Detective” has been announced, along with an intriguing poster image!

The crime thriller “Shadow Detective” debuted in October 2022 and tells the tale of veteran homicide detective Kim Taek Rok (Lee Sung Min), who suddenly starts receiving calls from someone posing as an old friend. In the phone call, the caller accuses him of murder and begins to blackmail him.

is expected to be even greater than the first season and is generating a lot of hype for its cast, which includes Lee Sung Min, Kyung Soo Jin, Lee Hak Joo, Jung Jin Young, and Kim Shin Rok. It also promises to attract audiences around the world with a fascinating plot that will keep them wondering.

Shadow Detective
Credit: Shadow detective/ Disney+

Who is Kim Taek Rok in the upcoming season of Shadow Detective?

Since the blackmailer criminal’s ‘friend’ vanished without a trace, Detective Kim Taek-rok (Lee) has been assigned to the police department’s Women and Juveniles Unit. After an explosion rocks Geumo City, he is sent in to participate in the joint investigation there. ‘Friend’—is she back? The upcoming second season will focus on Kim Taek Rok’s counterattack as he makes a comeback to find his blackmailer “friend.”

In addition to confirming Taek Rok’s return, the recently unveiled poster also depicts his distinctive flair as a seasoned homicide detective with 30 years of experience.

Shadow Detective production still

In a room crammed with case files, Kim Taek Rok is taking notes on something. Viewers can’t help but wonder if there is a trace of the “friend” Taek Rok so desperately wants to catch in the files and if this season will unearth a broader conspiracy in light of the room filled with case files and the words on the poster that read, “I record everything.”

Rapidly occurring fights, accidents, and fatalities signal the beginning of Taek-rok’s revenge against his undetected adversary. He inquires as to who the actual owner is, and the “friend” threatens to pursue him next if he persists. The trailer closes with Taek-rok promising to catch them once and for all, his visage bathed in red light.

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