Sex Education Season 4: Another cast member leaves the Netflix series

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Sex Education season 4 will have to do without another actress. Just recently, another actress left the popular Netflix series. We reveal to you who it is.

  • Netflix‘s “Sex Education” loses another actress.
  • After Simone Ashley and Patricia Allison, Tanya Reynolds is now also getting out.
  • Her character Lily was in a relationship with Allison’s character Ola in the Netflix series.

Again one less: Only shortly after Patricia Allison has announced her exit from “Sex Education“, now follows colleague Tanya Reynolds. Reynolds embodied Lily in the popular Netflix series.

In season 3, Allison’s character Ola and Lily became closer and had a relationship. Even before Allison and Reynolds, Simone Ashley announced her departure from “Sex Education.” Ashley last enjoyed huge success as Kate Sharma in the second season of “Bridgerton.”

Regarding her exit, Reynolds told the British Radio Times, “I’m actually not returning, which is quite sad. It’s just the natural course of these shows – when you have such a big ensemble cast, I think you have to let some of the older characters go to make room for new ones, which is absolutely the right thing to do, that’s how it should happen.”

The parting doesn’t sound entirely voluntary, but so we can probably expect some new characters to get to know and love in “Sex Education” Season 4. An exact start date has not yet been set, but based on the start dates of the previous seasons, we assume a premiere in the fall of 2023.

Sex Education Season 4: Characters and Cast

Asa Butterfield stars as Otis. This is known from films such as “The Island of Special Children” and “So Close to the Stars”. Gillian Anderson from “The X-Files” plays his mother . Oti’s girlfriend Maeve Wiley is played by Emma Mackey (“The Winter Lake”).

Sex Education Season 4: Does Moordale Really Exist?

The setting of “Sex Education” is unique. It looks British yet American. The costumes could be from the 80s, but there are still smartphones. The fact that the city of Moordale is purely fictional disappoints many fans. The scenes are still there in reality.

Sex Education: Alternatives

If you are a fan of “Sex Education” then you will also like ” Gossip Girl ” and ” Stranger Things “. “Gossip Girl” is about a group of friends on New York’s Upper East Side who are reported on by an unknown blogger named Gossip Girl. 

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