Seoul Vibe Ending, Explained: Is Kim Yoon-jae Dead?

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A lighthearted heist-action movie on Netflix, “Seoul Vibe” features fast automobiles and hip-hop music. The story takes place in the days before the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. The charges against Park Dong-wook (Yoo Ah-in) and his companions could result in their imprisonment. They need to obtain information by breaking into a VIP slush fund in order to avoid such a fate. After grudgingly agreeing, Dong-wook and the others quickly find themselves on the verge of a fight with some of the most dangerous individuals in the nation. All the while, Dong-wook maintains his aspirations of moving to America. Here is all the information you require regarding “Seoul Vibe’s” conclusion.

Seoul Vibe Plot Synopsis

Seoul Vibe Ending, Explained: Is Kim Yoon-jae Dead?
Seoul Vibe © Netflix

The movie opens in Saudi Arabia, where Dong-wook is transporting hazardous materials through the desert for a man by the name of Yoon with the help of his teenage mechanic Joon-ki (Ong Seong-wu). Yoon presents Dong-wook a poster of the Daytona Continental after what is intended to be their last task in Saudi Arabia, knowing that the younger man’s desire is to compete in that illustrious race along with their last money. Joon-ki and Dong-wook arrive back in Seoul as it prepares to host the Summer Olympics. They discover that Bok-nam (Lee Kyu-hyung), an old friend and the best navigator in Seoul, has arrived to pick them up.

Dong-wook, however, appears to recognize the leader of a group of men in suits who are interested in him and Joon-ki. Before the group of guys in suits discovers them, the main characters are able to flee and regroup with Park Yoon-hee (Park Ju-hyun), Dong-sister wook’s and the leader of the motorcycle club’s Seoul chapter, and John, a club DJ. They are actually from the prosecutor’s office, it turns out. Most team members have interacted with Prosecutor Ahn, who is their boss.

Dong-wook and his friends, collectively known as the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, are readily apprehended and are facing a number of legal charges. Therefore, they are forced to accept the offer made by Prosecutor Ahn. The prosecutor adds that in order to learn more about how a VIP slush fund is laundering money, the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team must enter one. The others will attempt to be money mules while John infiltrates as a DJ for the events. The slush fund’s drivers have all been detained. The opening is now available for Dong-wook and his friends to fill.

The Sanggye-dong Supreme Team quickly discovers that its targets are some of South Korea’s deadliest criminals. The second most influential person in the nation and president of the loan shark sector, Kang In-sook, is the first target. The second target is Ms. Kang’s direct subordinate Lee Hyeon-gyun, a former member of the Defense Security Command. Prosecutor Ahn makes it obvious that General Jeon, the brutal tyrant who presided over the previous administration, is the person he is really after. He appears to be modeled on Chun Doo-hwan, a real-life military dictator who presided as South Korea’s fifth president.

Since Lee and Chairwoman Kang are in charge of the old government’s secret fund, General Jeon is their direct superior. General Jeon is still the most powerful person in the nation even if he is no longer the head of the government. While his pals are aware of the great risk involved in this work, Dong-wook justifies using them as mules. He takes the offer from the prosecutor, Ahn. In addition to what Ahn had already promised the gang members — that they would be allowed to retain their money and that their criminal records would be cleared — he also wants visas for every member of the group.

Seoul Vibe ending: Do Dong-wook and His Friends Go to the US?

This question is posed at the start of the movie, and it is also addressed in the conclusion. What we witness in the middle is how Dong-wook and his comrades accomplish their objective, despite the fact that the voyage was much more dangerous than they had anticipated and that individuals were harmed.

John seeks to locate Ms. Kang’s accounts ledger as Dong-wook, Yoon-hee, Joon-ki, and Bok-nam triumph in the driving contest and turn into smugglers of the previous administration’s hidden funds. He develops a romantic relationship with Kim Yoon-jae, her secretary.

There are some early setbacks for the group. The group’s video evidence is accidentally destroyed when Director Lee sets their automobile on fire. But as the movie goes on, things get better for them. They are given a lavish residence and make obscene amounts of money. However, when Director Lee approaches Dong-wook and Joon-ki one day when they are making a delivery, the group is quickly made keenly aware of their predicament. Yoon-hee and Bok-nam are also accompanying him. If they don’t divulge their employer, Director Lee threatens to kill them all. Director Lee claims that everything was a test when none of the four spies escape.

Dong-wook realizes immediately after the tragedy just how much danger he and his companions are in. John has already imprinted the key to the locker where Chairwoman Kang keeps the ledger by the time he learns of the event. While John wants to stay in the nation and bring the whole scheme down, Dong-wook claims that he doesn’t trust Prosecutor Ahn and is eager to depart Korea with his buddies. This obviously results in a significant conflict between them.

Eventually, Dong-wook and his companions manage to obtain the ledger, but by that time, Director Lee has learned of the connection between Dong-wook and John as well as the fact that they are employed by the prosecutor’s office. He kills prosecutor Ahn. John is also kidnapped and tortured by him. Dong-wook and his friends are blamed for the death of Prosecutor Ahn since the Prosecutor General works for General Jeon.

Dong-wook discovers a video of the general, Ms. Kang, and others discussing their business in prosecutor Ahn’s vehicle. Ms. Kang suggests using Director Lee as a potential fall guy when the subject of a fall guy comes up, and the others happily concur. Dong-wook persuades Director Lee to cooperate with him and allow him to carry the money by using the tape.

Dong-wook leaves with the money while the Olympic opening ceremony is taking place, and Director Lee and his team follow him. His sister can now set John free thanks to this. Director Lee realizes it was all a ruse when Dong-wook deviates from the intended path.

Director Lee, who refused to turn himself in to the prosecutor’s office, burns to death in his automobile while berating the general. Dong-wook boards the jet as Ms. Kang tries to flee the country with the money. Dong-wook drives off the plane while it is thousands of feet in the air, the net holding the money fastened to his automobile. He makes it through the fall and meets up with his pals. They now have everything they need to move to the US, including the visas, funds, and clear records.

Is Kim Yoon-jae Dead?

Kim Yoon-jae, portrayed by Kim Chae-eun, is one of the movie’s key supporting figures. She works as Ms. Kang’s secretary and has a Triskele tattoo, which appears to be something that everyone who is loyal to Ms. Kang receives. John seduces her and imprints the key to the locker where the ledger is stored after realizing how close she is to one of their targets. This effectively seals her doom. Ms. Kang later in the movie shows him a severed hand with the Triskele tattoo while he is being tortured. Yoon-jae was evidently cruelly chastised by Ms. Kang for her involvement in John’s misdeeds. Yoon-jae, according to Ms. Kang’s information to John, is supposedly still alive.

What Is the Significance of the Mid-Credits Scene?

One year has passed when the mid-credits scene occurs. General Jeon appears to be residing in the monastery now that he has lost all of his money. He has been given the assignment to clear the snow because it is winter. By using scriptures, General Jeon attempts to convince himself that his life isn’t all that horrible, but it soon becomes apparent how sad he is. A huge swarm of birds appears out of nowhere and begins to pee on the former president. Although General Jeon didn’t pass away like Director Lee or end up in jail like Ms. Kang, he is nonetheless imprisoned in his own personal hell.

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