‘See You In My 19th Life’: When will the Awaited Alluring Netflix K-Drama Air?

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See You in My 19th Life is an enchanting romantic comedy that takes inspiration from the webtoon “See You in My 19th Life” created by Lee Hye.

The storyline revolves around the remarkable character Ban Ji-eum, a woman blessed with the extraordinary ability to retain memories of all her past lives. Enduring countless cycles of rebirth over nearly a millennium, Ban Ji-eum has dedicated herself to living each life to the fullest. However, a tragic accident abruptly brings an end to her most recent existence.

Motivated by an unyielding determination, Ban Ji-eum embarks on a quest to reconnect with Moon Seo Ha, a significant figure from her 18th life. With her unwavering spirit and the weight of her accumulated memories guiding her, she sets out to find this elusive man who holds a special place in her heart.

'See You In My 19th Life': When will the Awaited Alluring Netflix K-Drama Air?
See You In My 19th Life/ Courtesy of Netflix

When will ‘See You In My 19th Life’ Air?

See You in My 19th Life will be available watch on Netflix worldwide. For Koreans though, this is a tvN original and airs at 9:20pm (KST).

The first episode of See You in My 19th Life is set to premiere on Saturday, June 17th, around 3:00 PM GMT / 10:00 AM ET. Thanks to the efficient subtitle team at Netflix, English subtitles should be available right away. Episode 1 is expected to have a duration of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, which aligns with the length of the remaining episodes in the series.

Season 1 of See You in My 19th Life is planned to consist of 12 episodes, following the typical pattern of releasing two episodes per week. Taking this into consideration, there are 11 remaining episodes yet to come after the premiere of the first episode.

What to expect from ‘See You In My 19th Life’?

As the series unfolds, viewers will be captivated by the fusion of fantasy and romance as Ban Ji-eum navigates the complexities of love, destiny, and the unbreakable bond that transcends time itself. Expect to be swept away by the whimsical and heartfelt journey of See You in My 19th Life as it delves into the depths of human connection across multiple lifetimes.

See You in My 19th Life is a co-production between Studio N, a subsidiary of WEBTOON Entertainment specializing in adapting WEBTOON series for television and film, and Studio Finecut. Leading the adaptation as the director is Lee Najeong, known for overseeing notable projects. Studio N has previously delivered successful adaptations for popular series such as Bloodhounds and Sweet Home.

The cast of See You in My 19th Life features the talented duo Shi Hyesun and Ahn Bohyun in prominent roles. Joining them are Ha Yoonkyung and Ahn Donggoo, who will portray Yoon Chowon, Ban Jieum’s younger sister from a previous life as Yoon Juwon, and Ha Doyoon, Seoha’s childhood friend, respectively.

With an impressive team behind the camera and a stellar cast in front of it, See You in My 19th Life promises to bring the beloved webtoon to life in an engaging and captivating manner. Fans can anticipate an immersive viewing experience as the series explores the intricate relationships and captivating storylines that transcend time.

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