Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: Undergoes Successful Surgery and Begins Recovery

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Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis was made after an early form of breast cancer was detected during a routine mammogram screening. She has successfully undergone surgery and is now in the process of recovery with her family. The Duchess is receiving excellent medical care, and her doctors have given her a positive prognosis. She expresses her deep gratitude to the medical staff who have supported her throughout this time.

The Duchess believes that her experience highlights the importance of regular screening and is thankful to the staff involved in her mammogram. She had recorded a podcast episode the day before her surgery, which is scheduled for release on Monday.

Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: Undergoes Successful Surgery and Begins Recovery
Sarah Ferguson attends the UK premiere of “Marlowe”. PHOTO: JO HALE/WIREIMAGE

Sarah Ferguson Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Support from Princess Diana

In July 2021, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson spoke with PEOPLE about her mental health, which had been significantly affected by the cruel headlines and tabloid scrutiny she faced in the UK when she first gained public attention in 1985. She revealed that she had experienced major mental health problems due to the trauma and had believed the hurtful words written about her. The Duchess acknowledged the self-shame she had felt and had even apologized to her young daughters for the negative impact it had on her.

She described the experience as “dark” and mentioned working on overcoming self-sabotage. Fergie also discussed how she and her close friend, Princess Diana, were often pitted against each other in the media. While Diana was portrayed as beautiful, Fergie was often depicted as “fat” and “frumpy.” She expressed that both she and Diana had their own mental health issues and supported each other during those challenging times. Fergie emphasized the importance of remaining strong together despite the negative portrayals in the press.

Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: Undergoes Successful Surgery and Begins Recovery

Sarah Ferguson and her daughters support Teenage Cancer Trust in opening specialized hematology ward.

In a video call last July, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, along with her daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, participated in an event organized by the Teenage Cancer Trust. The founders of the organization expressed their gratitude to Fergie for her dedicated work with them over the past 32 years, emphasizing her humility and empathy towards patients. During the virtual event, Fergie played a role in the official opening of a specialized hematology ward at the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Sarah Ferguson spoke about the significance of the charity, stating that cancer not only affects the health of young individuals but also poses a threat to their identity, independence, and dreams. She praised the Teenage Cancer Trust’s specialist nurses and youth workers for providing exceptional care and support throughout treatment and beyond, ensuring that cancer doesn’t hinder young people from living their lives to the fullest.

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