Regarding Jack Ryan Season 4, John Krasinski Said He Was Teased By SEAL

Krasinski revealed how he was thrown out of a helicopter while shooting for the thriller series.

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John Krasinski is not only the star of the comedy series The Office and a superstar horror movie director with the A Quiet Place franchise, but he’s also an action hero in the TV series Jack Ryan. Turns out, he recently did a huge stunt for the show all by himself, after a SEAL teased him.

While we’re all busy wondering whether Krasinski will follow up his MCU debut in a Doctor Strange 2 cameo with a bigger role in the Fantastic Four MCU movie, the actor has been preparing for the Jack Ryan Season 4 release date.

In an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Krasinski revealed how he was thrown out of a helicopter while shooting for the thriller series, despite that not being the original plan.

“That’s me being thrown out of a helicopter,” Krasinski explained as Colbert watched a clip from behind the scenes of Jack Ryan. “That morning, they had done that stunt with the stunt team over and over. So they were flying me out in a Black Hawk to get to the middle of the ocean, slowly, drop me down in the water, and get the shot of the helicopter flying away.”

“We were in the Black Hawk with all SEALs… As we were flying away [Kevin Kent] said ‘Are you going to do this stunt?’ I said, ‘No, they shot it this morning,’ and he was like, ‘It’d look a lot cooler if you did it.’ I said ‘We didn’t plan for that. I don’t even know what that would look like,’” Krasinski continued.

Kent had a simple answer to that problem: “He said, ‘It would look like me grabbing the seat belt, unbuckling you, and throwing you out of the helicopter,’” Krasinski recalled. Apparently, the producers had no idea this was happening, and the cameraman suggested they didn’t go ahead with it, but Krasinski felt a rush of bravado and took the plunge anyway.

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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 3 - Official Trailer | Prime Video
Jack Ryan Season 1 Trailer

John Krasinski’s Version Of Jack Ryan

Four years after Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Jack Ryan appears again, but this time in a streaming version via Amazon Prime Video. John Krasinski was cast as Jack Ryan. Before becoming Jack Ryan, Krasinski was known for starring in the comedy series The Office. 

Taken from Kompasiana, after starring in 13 Hours, in which Krasinski became one of six ex-military CIA members who had to defend the United States embassy in Libya from attacks by local troops, Hollywood opened its eyes that Krasinski could turn himself into a figure who was sturdy and worthy of membership. military.

Krasinski was chosen to be the successor to Baldwin-Ford-Affleck-Pine to become Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan or call it Jack Ryan. Krasinski also acts as executive producer. This series has been playing since August 2018 and is now entering Season 3, playing on December 21, 2022.

Jack Ryan has the advantage this time. Because it was made as a serial film, the audience has plenty of time to get to know Ryan, who in this series is an economist, just like Chris Pine’s Ryan.

Jack Ryan 1
Jack Ryan

According to IndieWire, Krasinski’s interpretation of Jack Ryan is based on inspiration from Harrison Ford’s Ryan: Heroic but has a weak side. Similar to other Ryan characters, he avoids beatings as much as possible, relying more on strategy. Even though Krasinski had strengthened his body.

Then, like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, this Jack Ryan series is also not an adaptation of a novel. The plot, according to Krasinski, is drawn from ongoing geopolitical events.

Therefore, in season 1, aired on August 31, 2018, Ryan, a low-level financial analyst at the CIA, is in Yemen due to a series of terrorist-related transactions in that country.

Then, in season 2, played on October 31, 2019, Ryan is in Venezuela because of a transaction that may be related to the incumbent president’s efforts to get re-elected.

Notices about season 2 have been issued even before season 1 aired. Season 3, broadcast December 21, 2022, keeps Ryan preoccupied with Russia’s plans to re-establish the Soviet Union.