Big ‘Manifest’ Mystery: Why Isn’t Fiona at Captain Daly’s Side in Season 3 Finale?

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Warning: spoilers for the end of the 3rd “Manifest” season. Captain Daly suddenly appears, but there is no trace of Fiona. However, one small detail explains their absence.

  • In “Manifest” Captain Daly and Fiona, who he kidnapped, once disappeared together.
  • Then why isn’t she sitting next to him when Daly suddenly reappears in the Season 3 finale?
  • The explanation provides a small detail that is easy to overlook.

The Netflix series “Manifest” is – as befits the mystery genre – full of riddles and mysteries. After numerous twists and turns, viewers are shocked by the sudden return of Captain Bill Daly in the season 3 finale. In the very last scene from Season 3, he suddenly appears, breathing heavily, in the reconstructed aircraft – before the entire machine simply disappears with him.

But fans of the series wonder why Fiona Clarke isn’t sitting next to him. After all, the two disappeared together.

Fiona and Captain Daly in “Manifest”: What happened again?

As a reminder, Captain Daly wanted to prove in “Manifest” that he was not responsible for what happened on Flight 828. Because of this, he kidnapped Fiona and flew with her into a storm. He wanted to recreate the events of the fatal flight.

The military then claimed to have shot down the plane, but since no debris was ever found, it is suspected that Daly actually managed to make the plane disappear.

But where is Fiona?

Now that Fiona was with him when he disappeared, many viewers expected that she would return with Daly as well. But there is a relatively simple explanation for their absence, which has to do with a small detail.

as dr Namely, Gupta catches sight of Daly in his brief moment of emergence, wearing his pilot’s uniform. However, when Captain Daly disappeared with Fiona, he was dressed all in black!

The Daly from the season 3 finale of “Manifest” is therefore not the one that got lost with Fiona. It seems much more like it dates from the period when Flight 828 went missing.

So this little detail suggests that “Manifest” is actually about some form of time travel. It is possible that different passengers of Flight 828 travel to different points on the timeline – but only for a few seconds at a time.

The 4th season of the mystery series, which will probably be released in the coming months, will hopefully bring clarity to this question. By the way, there is already a trailer for the new “Manifesto” episodes.

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