Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin: Peacock releases first trailer for musical series with Adam Devine

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Streaming service Peacock orders “Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin”, a “Pitch Perfect” series starring Adam Devine. Shortly before the start of the series, the first official trailer has now been released.

  • Peacock brings out “Pitch Perfect” as a series. With “Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin” you will see Bumper Allen’s story from November 2022.
  • In the series, Bumper moves to Germany to revive his music career. His friend Pieter Krämer becomes his manager.
  • Now a first trailer gives us glimpses of the colorful and rather chaotic goings-on that unfold around Bumper in the German capital.

The “Pitch Perfect” film series is still coming to the Peacock streaming service in November 2022, and as a series at that. In “Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin” Bumper Allen wants to revive his somewhat rusty music career. A first trailer has now been released, in which you can see lead actor Adam Devine in action.

Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin: Release date

Peacock has now announced the official start date for the music series. Starting on November 23, 2022, the U.S. channel will be diligently singing a cappella. Since Peacock was launched on Sky in January 2022, you will most likely be able to watch the series there as well.

Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin: Trailer

Peacock has also released a first trailer now. Here we see how Bumper receives the news that he is a real TikTok star in Germany, whereupon he decides to move to the German capital. Here he wants to breathe new life into his singing career.

Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin: Action

At the invitation of his old friend Pieter Krämer (Flula Borg), Bumper (Adam Devine) moves to Germany to revive his music career when one of his songs hits it big in Berlin. Pieter has gone from German a cappella star to discredited German music manager. He signs Bumper as his only client and brings him to Berlin to make his dreams come true.

But once he arrives in “good old Germany” things are not as easy as first assumed. And when the successful pop singer Gisela becomes direct competition for the newcomer, Bumper realizes that he now has to really get stuck in.

Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin: Cast

In the role of Bumper Allen we see Adam Devine (“Modern Family”). His friend Pieter Krämer will be played by Flula Borg. Peacock just signed Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family”), Jameela Jamil (“The Good Place”) and Lera Abova.

Hyland will play Heidi, Bumper and Pieter’s cheerful assistant with dreams of her own. Jamil will portray Gisela, an aspiring German pop star and Bumper’s main rival. Abova will play the cool, calm and level-headed Anna, a famous Berlin DJane and Pieter’s sister.

Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin: Production

Todd Strauss-Schulson will direct and executive produce the pilot episode, US magazine Deadline reports. It will be the third time Strauss-Schulson and Adam Devine will work together. In 2015, they worked together on the slasher comedy “The Final Girls” and in 2019 on the romantic comedy “Isn’t Is Romantic.”

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