Outlander Season 7: Comes unexpectedly later – Sam Heughan explains why

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Bad news for fans of “Outlander”. Lead actor Sam Heughan has announced that Outlander season 7 will come later than expected – and he also provided a reason right away.

It was already very hard for fans of “Outlander” that they had to wait for the sixth season of their beloved series for two years because of Corona. Then came the eight episodes, which you can still watch, and it was over again. Now Outlander Season seven is in the making, but it won’t come as planned either. It will take longer. “Jamie” actor Sam Heughan explains why.

Outlander Season 7: Is delayed

Not only does Heughan have a leading role in the series with Jamie and therefore has to know when filming takes longer, but he and Claire actress Caitríona Balfe are also producers of “Outlander.” In an interview with the British Esquire, he revealed that season seven’s plans had changed. Originally 16 episodes were planned for the new round. Now, he said, “This season will be a little longer; it’s a mega season with 18 episodes.” That’s two more episodes and the longest “Outlander” season. With that comes longer filming. “So we won’t be done until March or February.” However, that was exactly when the season appeared in previous years, with the exception of 2021. New episodes of “Outlander” have always come in the spring for a long time.

Outlander Season 7: So when is coming?

With season six, it was so that in June 2021, filming was completed. In March 2022, the episodes flickered across the screens. Since season seven will certainly not be released in the summer of 2023, but it is much too late to go on air in the spring, the new episodes will likely be broadcast in the fall of 2023. Until then, unfortunately, it is still a bit. Six episodes have been shot so far, and he still told Esquire. Fans of the series can look forward to a long season, but they will have to wait longer.

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