Obsession Season 2: Plot, Cast, and What Can We Expect?

Could Obsession Be Back for Another Season of Pillow Sex?

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The Netflix series “Obsession” is a gripping drama about William, a successful surgeon who becomes romantically involved with Anna, his son’s fiancée. The show’s first season ends with unresolved plot points and questions, leading fans to speculate about the possibility of Obsession Season 2.

The show explores various themes, such as infidelity, addiction, betrayal, and the consequences of one’s actions. The theme of infidelity is central to the show, as William and Anna’s relationship is at the heart of the story.

Obsession Season 2: Plot, Cast, And What Can We Expect?
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The show also deals with addiction, with William’s struggles with drugs and alcohol significantly impacting his life and relationships. Betrayal is another important theme, with William’s affair with Anna betraying Jay and Ingrid.

Will There Be Obsession Season 2?

While Obsession has not yet been renewed for a second season, its strengths and potential plotlines make it a strong contender for renewal. The show has received critical acclaim, with many praising the actors’ performances and exploring complex themes.

The show’s viewership numbers have also been strong, indicating a significant audience for the show. However, the decision to renew a show typically depends on factors such as production costs, which could impact the show’s chances of being renewed.

Will There Be Obsession Season 2?
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Netflix’s Obsession is a captivating drama series that follows the story of a surgeon named William who becomes involved in a steamy affair with his son’s fiancée, Anna. The show spans four episodes and features a lot of sexual tension, shocking revelations, and plenty of secrecy.

How Did Obsession Season 1 End?

The final episode of Obsession begins with Jay discovering his father and Anna’s affair after he bursts into the apartment and sees them having sex. As Jay runs away from the pair, he falls off the balcony and dies. The rest of the episode deals with the fallout of Jay’s death, with William’s wife Ingrid telling him she never wants to see him again.

Before Anna flees to France, we see her at home with her mum. Her mum reveals that she knew about Anna’s brother’s obsession with her, leaving Anna furious and heartbroken that her mum did nothing to stop her brother. William tracks Anna down in France, where she reveals she doesn’t want to continue their relationship. William appears devastated and still obsessed with Anna.

How Did Obsession Season 1 End?
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When the pair end up back in London, we see them separately in the flat they used to meet up. Anna is with Peggy, telling her she needs to move on. In contrast, William is in the flat with an estate agent, presumably interested in buying the property, suggesting he’s still obsessed with Anna.

The series ends ambiguously with Anna talking to a therapist, who asks her if she feels she needs rules. Anna replies “How strange” with a slightly suggestive look at her therapist.

As the series ends on such an ambiguous note, there is a lot of potential for Obsession Season 2. However, there has been no word from Netflix on if the series will be renewed. On Netflix, it says Obsession is a “limited” series, suggesting it won’t return.

Obsession Season 2: Possible Plotlines for Next Season

Possible plotlines for Obsession Season 2 could include exploring the aftermath of Jay’s death and its impact on the characters. The death of William’s son is a significant event that could have lasting effects on the characters and their relationships. William and Anna rekindling their relationship is another possible plotline, as the first season ends with them separated.

Obsession Season 2: Possible Plotlines For Next Season
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Anna’s journey of self-exploration is also an intriguing possibility as she grapples with the consequences of her actions and their impact on those around her. Finally, William’s escalating obsession could be a significant storyline as he struggles to accept the consequences of his actions and their impact on his life.

Obsession Season 2: Who Would Be in the Cast?

If Obsession were to return for a second season, we would undoubtedly want to see the return of Richard Armitage as William and Charlie Murphy as Anna. Although Ingrid, played by Indira Varma, said she never wanted to see William again, we would be keen to see her return, maybe in a scene with Anna. One person who probably wouldn’t return is Rish Shah as Jay, whose character died in the final episode. However, there might be scope for some flashback scenes.

We could also see Anna exploring her desires and interests and possibly engaging in another illicit affair. Meanwhile, William’s obsession with Anna could continue to escalate, leading to even more shocking revelations and plot twists.

Obsession Season 2: Who Would Be In The Cast?
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In conclusion, the first season of Obsession left viewers with numerous unresolved questions and ample possibilities for further exploration of the characters and their storylines in a potential Obsession Season 2. While it remains uncertain whether the show will be renewed, fans are optimistic and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to delve deeper into the complexities and intrigues of this compelling series.

Meanwhile, refresh your memory with Obsession Season 1 on Netflix or its compelling trailer.

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