Nineteen To Twenty On Netflix: Why is it difficult for Gen-Z’s to fall in love?

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 The teaser for the upcoming reality drama ‘Nineteen to Twenty‘ has been made available on Netflix. It’s been getting a lot of attention and, like many other plays, it centres on college students who are turning 20.

A Netflix streaming reality show called Nineteen to Twenty will follow 19-year-olds as they transition into adulthood. Cho Kyu-hyun, Kim Ji-eun, Lee Su-hyun, and Jung Se-woon are among the participants, and the teaser indicated that the release date is July 11. The show will focus on the difficulty teenagers face while falling in love.

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Nineteen To Twenty: Why is it difficult for Gen-Z’s to fall in love?

The generation gap between two groups of individuals nowadays is not simply limited to the fact that their birth years are different; this ‘age’ gap also encompasses an enormous number of disparities in fundamental beliefs about what love and life are all about. As it turns out, Gen Z’s return on love and commitment is far lower than that of their parents.

Where did the “happily ever after” go, then?  Why has the promise of adoring your mate in every ‘life’ been replaced by swiping through potential dates on dating apps like it’s the best form of finger exercise? If you look closely at the emotional reasoning that these young people are using to avoid commitment and love, you’ll see that they are pursuing an emotionally distorted version of reality. There are many shows related to such issues and Nineteen To Twenty is one of them.

Will Millennials enjoy watching Nineteen to Twenty?

The new Netflix reality series Nineteen to Twenty will follow a group of Gen Zs as they enjoy their final week of being 19 together before turning 20. The participants will spend time with their friends at the conclusion of the year as they gradually become ready to become adults. In order to prepare for their shift, the characters of the play will first enrol in “19 schools,” where they will study useful life skills on everything an adult should know.

On New Year’s Day, the cast members will bid farewell to their professors and loved ones in order to move into the “20 House,” which is free of rules and regulations.


Nineteen To Twenty
Credit: Netflix

Cho Kyu-hyun, Kim Ji-eun, Lee Su-hyun, and Jung Se-woon will enjoy their newfound freedom in this house by living alone. In this environment, individuals can display all of their charms, develop unexpected relationships that they were before barred from, and create a myriad of wonderful experiences.

The show will air on Netflix from 11th July 2023.  

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