Nineteen to twenty Episode 5 Review: Welcome to awkward adulthood

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Kim Jae-won, Park Su-ji, and Kim Jung-hyun developed the newest Korean reality dating program on Netflix, also known as Nineteen to twenty and Yeolahob Seumul. AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun, Single’s Inferno’s Cho Kyu-hyun, One Dollar Lawyer’s Kim Ji-eun, and Jung Se-woon are the show’s MCs. Moon Se-yeon, Lim Jung-yun, Jeong Se-Yeong, Choi Seo-hyeon, Oh Sang-won, No Hee-ji, Lee Ji-min, and Choi Ye-rin are the other 8 performers in the program. Jeong Ji-woo and Kim Pyeong-seok later joined the group.

It just takes a year to go from being nineteen to twenty; nevertheless, Netflix’s new Korean reality series presents this transformation in an entirely new way. The show will explore the strange transition from adolescence to adulthood using a group of Gen Zs.

Nineteen to twenty
Credit: Netflix

In the last episode of nineteen to twenty, we saw that the students are reminded the following day at school that dating is not permitted while they are attending. The kids begin playfully interrogating one another since they are unsure of who is being addressed, and as a result, some unexpected revelations are made. In case you missed the 4th episode, you can read the review here. 

The students of Nineteen to Twenty groove over the tunes of Cha Cha dance

The girls discuss their rides on the Ferris Wheel at the beginning of the second episode of the week, with the majority of them saying that they are still trying to make sense of everything and are feeling quite lost. Anyway, learning the cha cha is the subject of the first lesson today, and as with any pair dance introduced to a group of awkward teens, it may be extremely perplexing and uncomfortable at first. Most people do, however, make an effort to master the challenging stages, but after some time, switching partners end up becoming complete mayhem.

The girls then ask the boys a variety of questions in another AMA session, which follows shortly after. Given that everyone has gotten to know one another a little better since their last AMA, everyone approaches everyone about the person in whose company they are interested. In either case, the generality of everyone’s responses leaves the girls and the MCs wondering which boy they genuinely like.

The first glimpse of House 20 turns out pretty astonishing for the participants of Nineteen to twenty

The students then talk about their experience at their new school and their plans for the next year, when they will all be 20 years old. As the students prepare to graduate, the topic is brought up, and the next day, everyone gathers at the 20 House to celebrate becoming adults as a group. After settling down at the dinner table, they all make separate comments about how different they all seem now that they are dressed in their street clothes.

While the boys looked royal and sophisticated, the girls looked extremely beautiful and mature. The boys even commented that they looked completely different without the school uniform. While some guys were flattered by Hee Ji and Ji-woo, everyone else was just surprised to witness Ye Rin’s classy look in the house.

Nineteen to twenty
Credit: Netflix

 Well, we can surely agree with the statement made by the host Kim Ji-eun about Ye Rin, “ Hostess with the mostest”. It will be really interesting to see how the participants spend their time in house 20 without the “no dating” rule on Netflix.

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Kim Jae-won, Park Su-ji, and Kim Jung-hyun developed the newest Korean reality dating program on Netflix, also known as Nineteen to twenty and Yeolahob Seumul. AKMU's Lee Su-hyun, Single's Inferno's Cho Kyu-hyun, One Dollar Lawyer's Kim Ji-eun, and Jung Se-woon are the show's MCs....Nineteen to twenty Episode 5 Review: Welcome to awkward adulthood