Nineteen To Twenty Episode 10 Review: Dream date turns into nightmare

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Nineteen to Twenty differs from other reality shows in part due to the way it encourages contestants to express their deepest emotions and thoughts. The show becomes more authentic and relatable as a result, which can be both comforting and unsettling at the same time.

Among the cast members who stand out is Moon Se-yeon, a timid and reserved young woman who has anxiety. Lim Jung-yun is a lively, vivacious young woman who relishes a challenge. A sweet and kind young woman who is constantly thinking of others is Seo-yeong. Choi Seo-hyeon: A self-assured, aspirational young woman who is driven to succeed. Oh Sang-won: A humorous and witty man who consistently makes people laugh. In the last episode, we saw how the girls were in deep thought about the guys. Let’s find out what the new episode is about.

nineteen to twenty
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Nineteen To Twenty Episode 10: Dream date or commotion?

The most turbulent episode of the week is the last one. When you think that everything is starting to slow down and fall into place, they suddenly pick up speed and take you off guard. For the new Dream Date segment, Seo-yeong and Sang-won develop into an unexpected duo, earning them the entire theatre to themselves.

 Again, in this environment, they may converse openly while watching a movie, but as soon as they sit down to eat, Seo-young’s direct advice to give Sang-won a chance makes him uneasy because of his relationship with Seo-hyeon.

When the participants are given the choice to take a trip to either Busan or Gyeongju, the organizers make a novel and bizarre suggestion for the following Dream Date, which causes a commotion and a flurry of activity. Pyeong-seok and Hee-ji first appeared to be overjoyed to get this opportunity for themselves, but after assessing the circumstances, they decided to give the others a chance and hang back.

Nineteen to Twenty Episode 10: Old wounds & new hopes

Several conversations reopen old wounds, and private conversations between some persons are brought into the light, posing difficulties for recently formed relationships. Miscommunication causes tears to be shed, and the severe reactions finally prod those remaining silent to speak up, but it might already be too late.

nineteen to twenty
Credit: Netflix

Particularly among people who have had difficulty bridging the communication gap with others, Hee-ji has assumed the lead as one of the principal mediators. It’s an admirable task she’s taken on, and it also gives her the most distinctive standalone position in the house because she may be the only person whose personality isn’t solely defined by her relationship with Pyeong-seok but also by her platonic friendships with the other housemates, who are otherwise buried neck-deep in their own mess.

It will be intriguing to see what happens in the upcoming episodes of Nineteen to twenty next week on Netflix.

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