Netflix’s Intimacy Ending, Explained: Who Had Leaked Ane’s Pictures And Video?

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The Spanish series “Intimacy” from 2022 pulls back the curtain and reveals the sexism and hypocrisy that women face in our culture. They have to battle preconceptions every single day and demonstrate their value in the eyes of the incompetent patriarchy’s flag bearers. “Intimacy” demonstrates how easily the guilt is placed on the victims, particularly if they are female, and how, rather than pursuing the offenders, their morality and character are questioned.

We are not used to seeing women in positions of authority or speaking out against injustices done to them since for a long time, they had to play a supporting role in our society. In addition to uncovering the plot, “Intimacy,” which was created by Veronica Fernandez and Laura Sarmiento, also makes a case against dominant ideas and social standards.

Intimacy Season 1: Plot Summary

Intimacy © Netflix

In the first episode of “Intimacy,” we learn that Malen Zubiri’s party was prepared to launch her candidacy for mayor of Bilbao. Malen Zubiri served as the deputy mayor of the city. Her campaign was being managed by Hugo and Miren, her guardian angel. Malen was confronting people who believed a woman was incapable of handling a position of authority or being a leader by standing up against the patriarchy. But a private video of her having sex with an unidentified person was leaked, severely harming her campaign.

Regardless of whether it was her fault or not, society was ready to evaluate her character. Her party was aware that she was the most deserving candidate for mayor, but they were forced to conform to the false and unstable public opinion. As usual, the champions of justice and equality were too timid to speak up.

Malen has problems in her personal life already. She and her husband Alfredo had made plans together, and they both agreed to start seeing other people. Leire, her adolescent daughter, was also dealing with the repercussions of the video’s publication. Her fellow classmates had begun whispering about her behind her back, and even her boyfriend, Xabi, chose to distance himself from her rather than offer her the much-needed emotional support.

Contrary to the views of her party, Malen insisted on running for mayor and made the decision she wouldn’t give up without a fight. Ane Uribe, however, was not given that freedom. She wasn’t a politician who could tell the world her side of the tale. Nobody was paying attention to her, and as usual, fast judgments were being made. Ane killed herself because she believed it was far simpler to end her life than to deal with a world that was full of hypocrites.

When Inspector Alicia Vasquez got there, she ran into Bego and Malen. Malen didn’t want to file an official complaint because she knew that because of her political campaign, her case required a lot of discretion and she just wanted to make sure that there was no talk about it in the public domain. Bego, on the other hand, was not ready to bog down without finding the killers of her sister.

Who Had Leaked Ane’s Pictures And Video?

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In Ane’s situation, there were two things that needed to be confirmed. Who made and leaked the film was the first question, followed by information about the source in her factory who initially obtained the video before sharing it with the other employees. Alicia questioned Bego, and they both agreed that Ane’s former boyfriend might have committed the crime. But because Ane was a serial monogamist, it was difficult to determine who all she had dated in the past and who among them had committed the crime.

Alicia discovered the club where Ane’s music video was shot. The club’s name was Pattaya, and Alicia learned of someone who frequented it and appeared in the video. She meets him in the hopes that he might have recorded everything, but she learns that another unidentified man actually did it. When she emails Bego the man’s photo, they learn that he was Ane’s former flame Jon Aldaola. When Alicia arrives at his brother’s home, she learns the suspect’s whereabouts.

Who Had Leaked Malen’s Video? Who Killed Caesar?

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While on vacation in France, Malen had connected with a total stranger via a dating app. She learned that this stranger was Cesar, the eldest son of business magnate Peio Barretxeguren. Malen had grounds to suspect Cesar of leaking the footage. The video didn’t show his face, and after the holiday he had never made an attempt to get in touch with her. Cesar made an effort to get in touch with her and informed her that he had been forced to set the trap for the potential mayor. He asked Malen for money because he needed it so badly and his father had turned him down this time.

Malen doesn’t give him any money and cautions him that failing to reveal who was responsible will have dire repercussions. This whole mess had been planned by Andoni Segurola, a longtime adversary of Peio’s in business and a financier of Cesar’s failing ventures.

Andoni intended to prevent Malen from regulating real estate companies and agencies because she had made that decision. If a controversial video appeared, he was aware that the party would not support her candidacy. Cesar required enormous sums of money to pay off his debt because his enterprises had suffered significant losses. That gave Andoni influence over him, and he was forced to pamper Malen and allow him to damage her reputation as a result. But things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped.

Andoni claimed that he had dispatched his men to renegotiate the terms of the agreement, but in truth, they had gone to discipline Cesar. He sustained serious injuries as a result of their vicious assault. Apart from his physical injuries, Cesar was under a lot of emotional stress while in the hospital because his wife, Idoia, had made the decision to leave him after learning that he was the guy in the leaked video with Malen.

When Cesar suffered a concussion while driving alone, he lost control of his car and perished. Although the accident itself was the cause of the death, the forensics investigation revealed that his body had suffered serious blows prior to the event. Even still, Alicia was unable to prove a direct connection to Andoni because there was no proof that his men were responsible for the man’s beating.

Intimacy Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Malen Quit Politics?

Intimacy © Netflix

Xabi, Leire’s ex-boyfriend, had broken up with her because he felt ashamed to be around her. Leire’s life was drastically altered. Even her character was being questioned by many because she had become the target of mockery. When Xabi stopped replying to her messages, a worry of Xabi leaking her personal photos and videos began to take root in her subconscious. She was not prepared to be put in a similar scenario after seeing her mother in such a terrible state.

She was aware that she might not be as resilient as her mother and might not be able to combat society. She was frequently considering suicide when she somehow began blaming herself. She runs into Xabi in the restroom and inquires about the website where he had posted her photos since up until that point, she was certain the worst had happened. But what was worsening the problem and making her constantly fearful and anxious was her unsettled thoughts. Xabi is viciously beaten by her, and his parents report Leire. Juon Mari defends her rights and prevents her from being sent to a juvenile detention facility.

Malen’s challenger Gorka was aware that he stood a chance of becoming mayor due to the damaging effect the leaked video had on Malen’s reputation. Even the party refused to endorse her for office. Malen was on the verge of deciding to abandon her political career and return to the legal profession. But Miren and Hugo opposed her doing that.

They were aware that Malen deserved to be the mayor of the city more than anyone else. Miren reveals to her that she has experienced abuse in the past and understands how it feels. Malen changes her mind and chooses to file a formal complaint against Andoni for invading her privacy, not thinking this time about what people would think or how it may affect her campaign.

Gorka used to routinely check in at hotels between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. The hotel offers escort services, Hugo had learned. Gorka was forced to withdraw from the mayoral election after he utilized this piece of information against him. Malen prepares to reenter the campaign to become mayor of Bilbao when the party makes the decision to endorse her without conditions.

Alfredo gets back in with Malen after she decides to reevaluate her relationship with him. Leire enrolls in treatment sessions and begins to rebuild her damaged self. She was aware that she could talk to her parents and confide in them, and that they would support her no matter what. Things started to improve for the entire family at the end of the series “Intimacy,” and even though they were aware that the scars from the past couldn’t be erased, they found the strength to put them in the backseat and move forward in life with a fresh faith.

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