Netflix’s Bloodhounds: Release date, cast, plot and how to watch the K-Drama series

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Bloodhounds‘ is an upcoming South Korean Drama Television series. It’s written and directed by “Jason Kim”. This is the fourth thriller by Jason Kim. ‘Bloodhounds’ will be streaming on Netflix from 9th June, Friday, 2023. The story will be consisting of 8 episodes and each episodes will have an approximate running time of 60 minutes.

The story is based on Gun-woo, a promising boxer and his mother is deep in debt to loan shark Myung-Gil, who is powerful and notorious in the money lending business. To pay off his mother’s debt, Gun-Woo quits boxing and begins to work for CEO Choi. 

In the money lending business Chao was once a legendary figure, but suddenly he disappears. One day he reappears and began to lend money again without interest from the people and they were in trouble. Gun-woo starts working with Chao, Hyun-Joo and Woo-Jin also started working for CEO Chao.

When will ‘Bloodhounds release?

‘Bloodhounds’ will release on June 9, 2023.

How to watch ‘Bloodhounds?

You can watch ‘Bloodhounds’ on Netflix.

What is the plot of ‘Bloodhounds?’

The official synopsis of the K drama series reads, “Two young boxers band together with a benevolent moneylender to take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on the financially desperate”.

Who is starring in ‘Bloodhounds’?

We will see Woo Do Hwan play Kim Geon Woo’s role. Apart from Woo Do Hwan, the audience will also see Lee Sang Yi play the role of Hong Woo Jin. Jung Da Eun has a leading role in the drama, but the name of her role hasn’t been revealed. Kim Sae Ron will play the role of Cha Hyeon Joo. Furthermore this is also going to be her Netflix debut. Regardless, Park Sung Woong will play the role of Kim Myung Gil while Heo Joon Ho will play the role of President Choi.

Bloodhounds Trailer

You can watch the trailer of ‘Bloodhounds’ below.

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