Netflix: Unstable Release Date and Trailer Released

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Netflix has released the release date for “Unstable.” At the same time, the streaming giant provides first glimpses of the father-son comedy series in an official teaser. Starting March 30, we’ll get to see the duet of Hollywood star Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe in action in eight half-hour episodes.

Rob Lowe plays the acclaimed but eccentric and narcissistically inclined biotech genius Ellis Dragon, who doesn’t shy away from the limelight. Dragged down by the death of his wife, however, the entrepreneur threatens to lose his footing – and becomes increasingly mentally … well? That’s right, unstable – “Unstable.”

Meanwhile, John Owen Lowe also plays the son, Jackson Dragon, on screen. This one, however, is the apple that couldn’t have fallen further from the tree – grounded and introverted, he’s rather the complete opposite of Ellis character-wise. Will Jackson manage to keep his father and legacy from falling apart? And can he still mend his relationship with his old man and at the same time step out of his all-devouring shadow?

Update: New Trailer for Netflix’s Unstable

The idea for the series is said to have come about after a witty exchange between the two Lowe men on their social media channels. It was realized by showrunner Victor Fresco (“My Name is Earl”). The author and producer, who has received numerous Emmy nominations, has already created “Santa Clarita Diet” for Netflix and played a leading role in “Better Off Ted” and “Crazy About You.

Rob Lowe most recently starred in the hit series “Californication,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Wild Bill.” He also appeared on German television with a starring role in “9-1-1: Lone Star.” Son John made his acting debut in a supporting role alongside his father in “The Grinder” and most recently penned several scripts himself for “9-1-1: Lone Star.”

The cast of “Unstable” also includes Sian Clifford (“His Dark Materials”). She embodies finance board member Anna Bennet, the only one who can stand up to Ellis and try to keep the company on track during his emotional downward spiral. Up-and-coming talent Aaron Branch plays Malcolm, a childhood friend of Jackson’s who has been promoted, as it were, from assistant to father to project manager – and has always been jealous of Jackson as Ellis’ son.

Plenty of scope, then, for conflict and comedy, or, as John puts it in the teaser: Father-son stuff … Where to begin?

Netflix Trailer for Unstable

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