Ncuti Gatwa’s Unconventional Doctor Who Revelation

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Before the official announcement was made, an incident occurred where Ncuti Gatwa, while under the influence of alcohol, disclosed to former Doctor Who lead, Matt Smith, that he had successfully secured the coveted role of the Fifteenth Doctor. This revelation took place privately, prior to any public confirmation. Gatwa’s eventual casting as the central Time Lord in the esteemed sci-fi series was officially revealed last year, solidifying his position as the next actor to embody this iconic character.

Fans of Doctor Who eagerly anticipate Gatwa’s inaugural episode, which is expected to grace television screens in the autumn season. In this highly anticipated installment, Gatwa will be taking over the role from the brilliant David Tennant, who portrayed the Fourteenth Doctor. The transition between these two talented actors promises to bring a fresh perspective and a new chapter to the ever-evolving narrative of Doctor Who.

Furthermore, it has been announced that Gatwa will be joined by Millie Gibson, an exciting addition to the Doctor Who universe, who will take on the role of the Doctor’s new companion. Their dynamic and on-screen chemistry are poised to captivate audiences as they embark on thrilling adventures through time and space. Currently, Doctor Who season 14 is in the midst of production, tirelessly working to bring viewers another remarkable installment of this beloved series.

With a scheduled premiere slated for 2024, fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can witness Ncuti Gatwa’s transformative portrayal of the Fifteenth Doctor, alongside the talented Millie Gibson, as they unravel the mysteries of the universe and continue to captivate audiences with the timeless charm and captivating storytelling that has become synonymous with Doctor Who.

Ncuti Gatwa'S Unconventional Doctor Who Revelation
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A Memorable Meeting: Ncuti Gatwa’s Unforgettable Encounter with Matt Smith

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone UK, Ncuti Gatwa shared his reflections on his journey of joining Doctor Who. During the interview, Gatwa disclosed an unexpected encounter he had with former Doctor Who star Matt Smith. Before his official casting announcement, Gatwa happened to meet Smith at a party, where they engaged in conversation. In a state of inebriation, Gatwa excitedly revealed his upcoming role to Smith by exclaiming, “I’m following in your footsteps!” Smith initially found this statement perplexing until the official announcement confirmed Gatwa’s casting, and the pieces fell into place.

Ncuti Gatwa'S Unconventional Doctor Who Revelation
Robert Smith/Patrick Mcmullan Via Getty Images

Former Doctors Unite in Support of Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who Role

Although Matt Smith was initially confused by his first encounter with Ncuti Gatwa, he quickly extended his support to the new Doctor Who star. Smith expressed admiration for Gatwa after seeing his performance as Eric in Netflix’s Sex Education and believed that Gatwa possessed qualities that would be a perfect fit for the show’s future. Jodie Whittaker and Peter Capaldi also joined in praising Gatwa, with both former Doctors offering their enthusiastic support and reaching out to him.

Not only Smith, Capaldi, and Whittaker, but other actors who have portrayed the Doctor also celebrated Gatwa’s casting. Colin Baker, Paul McGann, and Christopher Eccleston took to social media and interviews to share their support and well-wishes following the official announcement. Additionally, Sylvester McCoy welcomed Gatwa to the Doctor Who family through a heartfelt video message.

The unity displayed by the former Doctors in supporting Gatwa as he prepares to step into the TARDIS is truly heartwarming. While Gatwa’s initial encounter with Smith may have had its surprises and amusement, the endorsement and encouragement from Smith, as well as the other esteemed actors who have inhabited the Doctor’s role, further heighten the anticipation surrounding Gatwa’s highly anticipated Doctor Who debut.

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