My Thoughts On Elden Ring DLC Trailer Details And More

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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC just got two insane new images revealed by FromSoftware. We got our first look at one of the new bosses set in the realm of Shadow.

Additionally, a FromSoftware producer randomly posted an image of a new location that is set in the new DLC. And I’ve got to say it looks amazing. Now that we are just about a month away from the release date of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

We’re about to be inundated with news and teasers. And as you know, we’ve seen quite a bit of the Gameplay of DLC already. We’ve even gotten a bunch of story teasers.

It also mentioned that recharging a large amount of Elden Ring Runes in the game can improve your combat effectiveness and help you defeat the boss easily.

But when is the next big reveal, will it be a next week with PlayStation showcase or will it be next month during Summer Games Fest hosted by Geoff Keighley?

There are a lot of options we’re going to talk about today.

New Boss Revealed

So, starting things off, we got our first look at a new boss that will be featured in the Land of Shadows with the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Elden Ring Twitter posted an image with the caption, fearsome foes of unfathomable power await you in the realm of Shadow.

Now, as you can see right here, the art direction of this boss looks terrifyingly amazing. It’s a human-like creature with a ton of interesting and fantastical elements. As you can see, it has a muscular dark tone body, with two arms that are raised holding large Crescent shaped blades, which I assume after we defeat the boss we will be able to get those blades and use some useful Elden Ring items for ourselves.

Now if you take a look at the top of the head of the boss, it either has either horns or some sort of tendrils on their head. My guess is they’re horns, but it could be tentacles. Now you can also see that the face is covered by a Goldmask. It has white hair, and it just looks incredible. It’s definitely the ammunition of FromSoftware like.

This is what they do. They are the industry standard when it comes to creating dark fantasy bosses. Now one theory about this boss is that it’s potentially the second phase of this boss fight from the trailer.

So if you take a look at 1:32 in Elden Ring DLC trailer, we’ve got this still on the screen right here. Both creatures have a similar stature. Both feature the tendril looking horns on their head.They both have white hair, but here’s what’s interesting and quite scary.

If you look at 1:27 of the trailer, you can see one of the creatures is standing on top of the other. The one at the top is most likely the one you kill first.

First you go to phase two and then you fight the creature from the photo today. This would explain why the creature stature looks like it’s bowing. Like I mean, if I had a giant lion-like creature on my back, I’d probably be standing the same way.

Now, as you could see from the phase one of this boss fight, it already looks like it’s going to be a wild ride and I can’t even imagine what they plan to do for phase two.

If that ends up being the same, it could be that there are multiple bosses with the tendril looking horns on their head, but the white hair and the tendrils of it all kind of adds up that this is possibly the same boss fight.

But again, the image that we got today is for Phase 2 rather than phase one. Once again, FromSoftware with the 10, out of 10 art Direction and I don’t know about you guys. I am terrified about this boss fight. If you look at Phase One, it already looks like it’s tough, but trying to dodge the dual Crescent blades like I can’t even fathom it.

Huge New Teaser By Dev!

So moving right along with an Elden Ring producer at FromSoftware actually posted an image of a location from Elden Ring, and it looks incredible like if you look at the image on the screen right here. It depicts a dark and eerie scene. And what appears like a Grand or Gothic Cathedral. This is really plain at the heartstrings of Bloodborne fans.

Because look at this image like there’s scattered candles and faintly glowing lanterns, hanging from the ceiling. There’s tall arches, large stained glass windows, you can also see small statues that almost look like they’re either Gryphon or possibly dragons. And then if you take a look on the right, there’s the Throne with the intricate design.

There’s a figure dressed in dark now, we’ve actually seen this person before we’ll talk about that in a second. This is most likely one of the more classic Dungeons in the game. And to me it looks like it’s clearly inspired by Bloodborne. I could be wrong, but it definitely gives off that vibe.

Now as for this room, we’ve actually seen it before if you actually take a look at the trailer. At 57 seconds in, we see that this is the exact same room. It is that dark Cathedral and it’s just completely broken down and just destroyed. It also gives that Colosseum type vibe. So this is most likely going to be a boss’ room.

Now if you look at 1:09 in the trailer, you look at the big structure right here. The new image we got today could be located at this same spot.

Obviously we won’t know for sure until the game is out, but it is a Gothic structure and we’ve got that interior. That is a Gothic Cathedral so they could be in the same spot. Now as for who is sitting on Throne we actually saw that at 59 seconds in the trailer, we don’t know who this person is. But I can’t wait to find out. It’s actually wild how one one image has so much depth and lure.

Gameplay Reveal?

So next up with there being about a month away from Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. The big question that a lot of people are wondering is when are we going to get the next reveal trailer or rather the big Gameplay reveal? If you guys remember the marketing for Elden Rings base game, we got a lot of content from that, but with this being a DLC, the one and only DLC, for that matter.

Should we expect that same level of hype and marketing that we got for the base game? And according to Bandai Namco, they plan on doing that. Whether we’re going to get a full raw uncut Gameplay for DLC. I don’t know, but I do think it’s safe to assume that a Gameplay reveal or just the next reveal is coming very soon. Now the question is, when is that going to happen?

Now according to all the rumors right now, his PlayStation is set to do a PlayStation showcase sometime at the end of the month. And if they end up doing that. Then we could be seeing the next trailer for Elden Ring shot of Erdtree during that showcase, now whether we’ll get Gameplay during that showcase. Or if it’s just going to be another Gameplay trailer, but let’s say they’re not at PlayStation showcase what events could they be at.

It could be Bandai Namco does a showcase themselves if they end up not doing one, now for those of you that are unaware, Summer Game Fest takes place in June.

I believe June 7th and the relationship between FromSoftware and Geoff Keighley has been pretty strong at the game awards we got our first official reveal of Elden Ring during that event. So even if we get a big trailer at PlayStation showcase or if just Elden Ring drops one randomly.

I think there’s a good chance that Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree will be at Summer Game Fest and if it is the case that we are expecting a big reveal for Elden Ring coming soon.

What is that going to look like? Will we get a story trailer? Will it be a Gameplay trailer? Will it just be raw uncut Gameplay as much as I would want raw Gameplay? I don’t think that’s going to happen. I have a feeling going forward. We’re just going to get small Snippets of Gameplay with small Snippets of the story.

And that’s about it, Elden Ring sold really well in was the game of the year for their year that it released. So they won’t have to do as much marketing as they had to do with Elden Ring launch. One thing that I do hope is that we get no more story content. I don’t want to see a single boss anymore, as I want the experience to be as fresh as possible.

So hopefully going forward, the marketing reflects that. Honestly, the first trailer was really the only trailer that we should need. But if we get Rawon cut Gameplay, that doesn’t spoil anything, I would be perfectly fine with that.

Now diving into why I think that the game will be revealed during Summer Game Fest over every other event, is if you actually look at the Summer Game Fest Partners round one board. You could see at the very top there is Bandy Namco logo now obviously. Bandy Namco is a publisher they release a lot of games. Let’s be honest. The big-ticket item for Bandy Namco is indeed Shadow of the Erdtree . 

That is the thing that people are most excited about and that’s what’s going to generate them a ton of sales. So even if there is a trailer during the PlayStation showcase for Elden Rings DLC, I don’t think there’s a reality where Summer Game Fest doesn’t have Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree there.

Game of the Year!?

Now with all the hype and anticipation and expectations from the base game. I think there is a strong possibility that Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is probably one of the best games. It’s going to release this year, and that’s saying something because it is an expansion. 

If you guys remember, it was originally going to be two different expansions, but they decided to just go with one big one and they’ve been working on it for years at this point. Elden Ring released in 2022 and it’s 2024. so this DLC is about to be insane like guys Elden Ring was already a masterpiece and building upon the Masterpiece will be difficult but if there’s any want to trust it is FromSoftware because they really are that good.

Now I’ve seen some discussions about whether or not it will be better than the base game and I’ll say this right now. I don’t think it it’s possible to be better than the base game. Because that experience is truly one of a kind, but I do think that it will be just as good as the base game.

These are some of my thoughts about the new trailer. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is about to be released. I hope you can fully enjoy it when playing the game.

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