Fans NOT SURPRISED with ‘Masters of Universe’ Live-action Cancelled on Netflix

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One of the classic cults Masters of Universe is surfacing into the buzz for its live-action coming anytime soon. The popular series that was released in 1987 was being remade and actor Kyle Allen was finalized to play The He-Man. But looks like this plan seems to be far-fetched from reality. Netflix has canceled the animated series of the classic series due to some obvious reasons.

Fans NOT SURPRISED with 'Masters of Universe' Live-action Cancelled on Netflix

‘Masters of Universe’ Live-action Cancelled on Netflix

‘Masters of Universe’ which is streaming on Netflix, was in talks about the movie being made on the popular classic. Just like the Marvel universe, this was also visualized to be as revolutionary as them but seems like this has to stop for the time. The reason for Netflix canceling the live-action was its budget. The Lost City directors Aaron and Adam Lee were asked to come on board but the initial cost of the movie was going cross over 30 million which is why it is halted for some time.

This DC comic was serialized back in the early 2000s and was quite popular and was remade and streamed on Netflix. Fans do not feel disheartened as there will be a live action of ‘Masters of Universe’ and He-Man but it might take some more time.

Fans NOT SURPRISED with 'Masters of Universe' Live-action Cancelled on Netflix

Fans are not surprised by the announcement- ‘Nobody wanted this’

As Netflix has put a halt to the movie, fans seem to be unaffected by this. One fan commented-‘Nobody wanted this’. Another person said-‘Welp!! I knew this was going to happen! Kevin Smith, high budget, & not staying w/ the He-Man script killed it!!’. A fan tweeted-‘I was really looking forward to this, I ain’t surprised the end up cancelling it since we haven’t here’d anything about it in years Netflix sucks’. and another said-‘No surprises’.

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