MARRY MY DEAD BODY on Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer – All You Need to Know!

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Have you seen Heartstopper? If yes then you would love the Taiwanese movie MARRY MY DEAD BODY, coming this August in 2023

MARRY MY DEAD BODY is a comic satire where a gay man tries to subdue a straight man by calling him his husband. The comedy movie released in 2023 February was liked by the viewers and is coming up on Netflix with English subtitles. The movie has an exciting story-li that will not only make you laugh but also has an emotional absurdity that will get tears to your eyes.

MARRY MY DEAD BODY on Netflix: Do Not Miss The Release Date

The movie is already released in February but Netflix has announced its world premiere on 10 August 2023. Don’t miss the date for a sarcastic yet funny movie, so mark your calendars now.

MARRY MY DEAD BODY on Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer – All You Need to Know!

MARRY MY DEAD BODY Plot: Ghost Phobia or Ghost Romance?

Have you ever heard of ghost marriage? Well! the Taiwanese culture does have this ceremony and the movie will showcase it as its storyline.

Homophobic and ghost-phobic police officer Wu Ming-han, who accidentally takes a red envelope while examining evidence in a case, meets Mao Mao, who discussed marriage with her boyfriend but died unjustly as a result of an accident. Since Mao Mao’s grandmother doesn’t want her grandson to die before a marriage so hints at the idea of ghost marriage, and hence a forced marriage. Unwilling to give in, Wu Ming-han began to have bad luck.

MARRY MY DEAD BODY on Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer – All You Need to Know!

Not only he was unable to get rid of his ghost partner, but he actually screwed up the anti-drug case police officer Lin Tzu-ching had been working on. a long time. In order to end the marriage, she has no other choice and decides to solve the case together with her “ghost man” Mao Mao, find the culprit, and avenge Mao Mao, thus embarking on a journey full of absurdities and tears.

MARRY MY DEAD BODY on Netflix: Cast, Characters, and Staff

Take a look at the amazing cast of the upcoming marriage of a gay ghost and a straight man-

  • Greg Hsu as Wu Ming-han
  • Austin Lin as Mao Pang-yu (Mao Mao)
  • Gingle Wang as Lin Tzu-ching
  • Tsai Chen-nan as Lin Hsiao-yuan
  • Wang Man-Chiao as Mao Chen A-lan
  • Tuo Tsung-hua as Mao Cheng-kuo
  • Ma Nien-hsien as Chang Yung-kang
  • Cheng Chih-wei as Temple Master
  • Chen Yen-tso as Chubby
  • Chang Zhang-xing as A-Gao
  • Cliff Cho as Hsiao-Ma
  • Kurt Hsiao as district police officer
  • Liu Kuan-ting as Police Officer
  • Aaron Yan as Chen Chia-hao
  • Chris Lee as Chia-hao’s boyfriend

MARRY MY DEAD BODY on Netflix: Trailer

The trailer of the movie is as exciting as would be the movie. The trailer looks very promising with the man and this flirtatious gay man now dead hanging on to his partner like a shadow.

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