Lupin Season 3: Netflix delights fans with first teaser trailer – Here’s what happens next with the master thief

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Lupin season 3 is confirmed! Omar Sy returns as Assane Diop and now Netflix has also released the first teaser trailer for the new episodes. In here we have all the latest info.

  • Omar Sy will soon return in Lupin season 3 as Assane Diop. We can expect exciting crook stories.
  • Season 2 ended with Assane having to flee Paris after defeating Pellegrini. However, he promises his family that he will return.
  • Now we get a first look at the upcoming episodes with a short new teaser trailer.

The likeable crook Assane Diop will return in the 3rd season of the clever series “Lupin”. The new episodes of the Netflix original will once again feature French superstar Omar Sy and already promises the return of his animal partner J’accuse. With the first teaser trailer for the new episodes, Netflix is now whetting the appetite for more.

When will Lupin Season 3 start?

Actually, the already aired “Lupin” Part 1 and Part 2 have been the first season of the Netflix series. The filming of the 10 episodes had to be interrupted in the middle due to Corona in 2020 and could only be continued later in the year.

In order not to delay the release too much, Netflix then first showed the first 5 episodes from Part 1 – and just later Part 2. For the sake of simplicity, however, we still speak here of “Lupin” Season 3, if we mean the upcoming episodes.

So far there is still no official start date for the 3rd part of “Lupin”. However, now that the first moving footage of the series has been released by the streaming service, a launch date announcement could also be imminent.

Is there a trailer for Lupin Season 3?

During the TUDUM fan event, Netflix has now released a first teaser trailer for the sequel to “Lupin” starring Omar Sy. In the short clip we see how Assane is in hiding, but can’t be without his family for long, which is why he returns to Paris after all. Back in France’s capital, things start to get out of control and in the long run neither Assane nor his family are safe here.

Lupin: Part 3 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Storyline of Lupin Season 3

In the course of the second season, Assane has made a new friend in Guedira, and Benjamin is also always by his side. Omar Sy is already looking forward to the fact that in “Lupin” season 3 teamwork will play an even greater role.

The original Lupin from the books always relied on his friends and allies. This is now also to play a significant role in the series. The French star hopes that “Lupin” will soon boast a large ensemble of characters.

We can also expect some scenes with the dog J’accuse, who always barks when hearing Pellegrini’s name, as Sy confirms. However, the leading actor does not reveal what the storyline will be about.

With “Lupin” Part 2, the story about the evil Hubert Pellegrini seems to be concluded. After all, the great antagonist of the first 10 episodes goes to prison in the gripping finale. Assane has trickily squeezed a comprehensive confession out of Pellegrini and recorded it, which lists and names all the misdeeds, murders and crimes.

However, Pellegrini was already able to evade the grasp of justice once in Part 2 because he has such excellent political connections up to the highest French government circles.

So will Pellegrini be released again in “Lupin” Part 3? That seems rather unlikely at the moment, but it can’t be completely ruled out either.

In addition, Assane and Pellegrini’s daughter Juliette (Clotilde Hesme) kissed in “Lupin” Part 2. The two have known each other since their youth, but in the past Juliette’s father forbade her to associate with Assane.

In the upcoming 3rd season of the Netflix series, Juliette and Assane’s love could now really flare up once again….

Assane’s son Raoul (Etan Simon), his ex Claire (Ludivine Sagnier), his best friend and accomplice Benjamin Ferel (Antoine Gouy), and police officer Youssef “Ganimard” Guedira (Soufiane Guerrab) will of course also continue to appear and play a role in the life of the master thief and gentleman crook.

More storylines for Lupin Season 3

Master detective Sherlock Holmes could also make an interesting appearance in Season 3 of “Lupin.” “Arsène Lupin” creator and writer Maurice Leblanc, however, gave his detective character the funny name Herlock Sholmes for legal reasons.

We reveal everything about a possible Herlock Sholmes crossover with Assane Diop here: “Lupin”: will Sherlock Holmes star in part 3 of the Netflix series?

Furthermore, “Lupin” Part 3 will continue to draw on the rich story collection of French author Maurice Leblanc, who invented gentleman crook “Arsène Lupin”.

Part 1 of the Netflix series already featured the “Lupin” stories “The Queen’s Necklace” and “Arsène Lupin’s Escape” in slightly modified form.

In Part 2 of the Netflix series, for example, the “Arsène Lupin” stories “The Blonde Lady” and “The Jewish Lamp” were mentioned. They could be picked up in Part 3.

So there is no shortage of stories and adventures for the future of “Lupin” on Netflix. The series creators and superstar Omar Sy, who is also involved as a producer, will certainly conjure up some more contemporary updates of classic stories from their sleeves.

Cast and production of Lupin Season 3

In the new season, of course, Omar Sy as master thief Assane Diop can not be missed.

Antoine Gouy as best friend and accomplice Benjamin Ferel, Etan Simon as Assane’s son Raoul, Ludivine Sagnier as his mother Claire and Soufiane Guerrab as policeman Youssef “Ganimard” Guedira will of course also be back in “Lupin” Part 3.