The Walking Dead: Will Rick Grimes show up in the Daryl Dixon spinoff? The chances are good

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The Walking Dead” star Andrew Lincoln could reprise the role of Rick Grimes in the Daryl Dixon spin-off. Read on to find out what the indications are.

  • “The Walking Dead” star Andrew Lincoln was spotted in Paris, France.
  • The new TWD spin-off around Daryl Dixon is also set in France.
  • So will we see Rick Grimes again in the new TWD series?

Preparations for the Daryl Dixon spin-off of “The Walking Dead” are in full swing. The new spin-off series centered around fan favorite Daryl will be set in France and will also be filmed there. Now Andrew Lincoln, who played the role of Rick Grimes in “The Walking Dead,” has been spotted in Paris. Coincidence?

Andrew Lincoln had left TWD to be closer to his family in England finally. Fans were put off with the announcement of feature films centered around Rick Grimes, which have now been canceled again and will instead become a six-part miniseries.

That Rick Grimes could also appear in the Daryl Dixon series is not so far-fetched. After all, it would only be a stone’s throw for him to travel from England for the filming. Since Daryl will most likely be dropped off in France by the Civic Republic Military, the same organization that kidnapped Rick Grimes, an appearance by Rick Grimes is an obvious choice.

Of course, it’s also possible that Andrew Lincoln is simply in Paris for personal reasons. A crossover with the “Rick & Michonne” series would be a perfect consolation for TWD fans after the end of the main series.

The spin-offs “Daryl Dixon,” “Rick & Michonne” and “The Walking Dead: Dead City” are all scheduled for release on AMC in 2023. Most likely, however, the series will end up on the Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video streaming services.

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