Longing For You On Netflix: Meet the outstanding cast of the upcoming thriller k drama

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While a variety of intriguing shows, including Bloodhounds, King The Land, and Revenant, were available to fans in June, the fresh crop of K-dramas about to debut in July offers a mix of comedy, romance, and suspense.

actor-director tandem The mystery thriller Longing For You reunites Han Chul-soo and Kim Ji-eun, who previously collaborated on the 2022 SBS drama Again My Life. Several popular Korean programs from previous years, including the Netflix original military drama D.P. and the Disney+ series Shadow Detective, will also be returning this month. Longing for You, a 14-episode Korean drama produced by ENA and Netflix, will premiere on July 26, 2023, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:00 (KST)/5:00 (PKT). Here is the list of all the actors and crew involved in the show.

longing for you
Credit: ENA

Meet the Cast of Longing For You On Netflix 

Na In Woo as Oh Jin Sung

Oh Jin Sung, a detective at the Woojin Police Station who is also a busybody doing things that he isn’t even requested to do, is portrayed by Na In Woo. Oh Jin Sung joins Ko Young Joo (Kim Ji Eun) and Cha Young Woon (Kwon Yool) in an investigation after being reassigned to the Special Investigation Team for a case involving multiple murders.

Longing for you
Credit: ENA

Kim Ji Eun as Kim Ji Eun

Ko Young Joo, a lady of principle who thinks that injustice must be punished even via more injustice, is portrayed by Kim Ji Eun as Oh Jin Sung’s friend and the prosecutor. For justice is the text that appears to her right.

longing for you
credit: The Chosunilbo JNS /getty images

Kwon Yul as Cha Young

Cha Young Woon, the sole child of Jinjin Group and an accomplished prosecutor who collaborates with Ko Young Joo at the Central District Prosecutor’s Office, is portrayed by Kwon Yool. Cha Young Woon is moved by Ko Young Joo’s candour and assurance, but when Oh Jin Sung joins the Special Investigation team working on the case, Cha Young Woon develops a grudge towards Oh Jin Sung over Ko Young Joo. His visage is surrounded by the words “For fate.”

Longing for life
Credit: JUNG YEON-JE / getty images

Bae Jong OK as Yoo Jung

Yoo Jung Sook, the director of Jinjin Medical and the mother of Cha Young Woon, is portrayed by Bae Jong Ok. Yoo Jung Sook is admired for her moral character and exceptional medical abilities. She is surrounded by writing that says, “For salvation.”

Longing for you
Credit: ENA

Jung Sang-Hoon as Bae Min Kyu

Last but not least, Jung Sang Hoon portrays Bae Min Kyu, the powerful National Assembly member’s son who believes that money is power. He is surrounded by writing that says, “For ambition.”

Longing for you
Credit: ENA

Other cast members

Jang Hye-Ji as Hong Young-Hee

Kim Hee-Jung Pi Jang-Mi

Choi Kwang-Il Cha Jin-Cheol

Kim Cheol-Ki Cha Woo-No

Get ready to witness your favourite stars in the upcoming thriller and mysterious show Longing for you on ENA and Netflix soon.

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