Kyle Richards celebrates ‘ALCOHOL FREE’ self-post separation

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The actress from The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, Kyle Richard completed 1 year of her quitting alcohol. She posted an Instagram story about her triumph and was happy that she could do it. She wrote the caption that she did it because it didn’t serve the purpose of her health and betterment. She even mentioned that her goal was achieved by her constant companion who are her friends.

Kyle Richards celebrates 'ALCOHOL FREE' self-post separation

Kyle Richards Now Alcohol Free

Kyle Richards as we know her from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills posted a Instagram post yesterday and declared herself sober. She wrote-

“Today marks one year alcohol free for me, “A number of things made me come to the conclusion that I didn’t want to drink. First and foremost, I didn’t feel it had a place where I personally wanted to be.”

Kyle Richards made the decision to quit alcohol as “I knew it was no longer serving me physically, mentally or spiritually,” Richards said the process “was much easier than I thought it would be.”

Kyle Richards celebrates 'ALCOHOL FREE' self-post separation
Charles Sykes/Bravo

“I never put a time frame on when I would drink again or say IF I ever would. All I know is I have never felt better physically or been more clear mentally,” the Bravo star continued. “I’ve learned that I still over share but at least I don’t have the ‘hanxiety’ thinking about it, I’ve learned I still do stupid things sometimes and beat myself up about it.”

In her post, she also mentioned that there were some tough times when she opted for alcohol for her pain as she separated from her husband Mauricio Umansky after 27 years of marriage.

She concluded: “A lot of you send me DM’s asking about my journey without alcohol, so I decided to share here today on this 365th day Cheers.”

Kyle Richards got huge comments from people who supported her and took a good step in her life.

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