Kraven the Hunter has been delayed to 2024 amid SAG-AFTRA strike

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Kraven the Hunter, a Marvel movie from Sony set in their Spider-Man universe, is the most recent film to be affected by the Writers’ and SAG-AFTRA strikes after it was revealed that the release date of the film would be shifting and has now been delayed by almost a full year. Originally scheduled to hit theatres on October 6 of this year, the movie, which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the title character, will now premiere on Labour Day weekend in 2024.

Kraven often pursues Spider-Man, but given that we haven’t actually seen the Web-Head in his own world of films, the likelihood of us ever seeing Peter Parker or Miles Morales seems remote at this time. Kraven the Hunter will also have an R classification, which does indicate a shift toward a darker and more obsessive story while staying true to the character’s image in the comics.

kraven the hunter
Credit: Sony Pictures

The upcoming movie of the Spider-man universe hints at Kraven as the powerful hunter

The storyline of the movie centres around Sergei Kravinoff, a.k.a. Kraven the Hunter. The specifics of the movie’s plot haven’t been made public yet, but it will follow the path meticulously paved before it by the comics of the same name, first published by Marvel, and follow Kraven’s journey as he strives to become the world’s apex predator and most powerful hunter. In addition to showing Kraven chasing down large animals like lions and a very distinctive-looking Rhino, the rampaging nemesis from the original comic books, the red band trailer for the movie hinted at a little rougher edge than that of Venom and Morbius, the other movies set in the Spider-Man universe.

J.C. Chandor, who is well known for helming the popular Netflix film “Triple Frontier,” the suspenseful survival thriller All is Lost, and the violent criminal drama A Most Violent Year, is in charge of directing the picture. The mysterious Voodoo Priestess Calypso is played by Ariana DeBose from West Side Story in the cast. Dmitri Smerdyakov, also known as Chameleon, who is Kraven’s half-brother, is played by Fred Hechinger. According to rumours, Christopher Abbott will play The Foreigner, the movie’s main adversary. Alessandro Nivola, Levi Miller, and Russell Crowe will also appear in supporting roles.

When Kraven The Hunter movie is expected to release after the Original date

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Sony antihero movie Kraven the Hunter will now be released on August 30, 2024, a significant 10-month delay from its original October release date. The continuing writers’ and actors’ strike has forced Sony to change the release date of several of its films, including this one.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron) will play Sergei Kravinoff, the titular Spider-Man villain, in Kraven the Hunter. Sergei Kravinoff is a Russian immigrant. He embarks on a quest to establish himself as the best hunter in the world in the movie, which is being marketed as the next installment of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

kraven the hunter
Credit: Sony pictures

Fans share their disappointment on the delay of Kraven The Hunter

“Wasn’t this supposed to come out in a few months???”, says a follower.

“Marvel Snap knew what they were doing giving Kraven “move” synergy.” Tweets a person.

“I will patiently be waiting.” Another follower tweets

A fan says, “Maybe they can actually make it good”.

Another fan writes, “Just delay it forever.”

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