Killing Eve sensation: The first trailer for season 4 is here!

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The very first proper, in-depth trailer for season 4 of “Killing Eve” has been released. Watch the return of Villanelle and Eve in here.

  • The first trailer for the final season of “Killing Eve” is here.
  • In the video, Eve and Villanelle meet like Romeo and Juliet once did.
  • The exciting video also shows a number of new faces.

On February 27, 2022, the popular series “Killing Eve” returns with Jodie Comer as psychopath Villanelle and Sandra Oh as the title character Eve Polastri. After a few teaser trailers for the new episodes from season 4, which didn’t actually reveal anything yet and didn’t show any clips from the new episodes, a first proper trailer for the continuation of the black-humored series has now been released.

Watch the video here – and then find out what it reveals about the 4th installment of “Killing Eve”:

Villanelle and Eve are back as dearest enemies (and possibly soon lovers?) in the video above. Villanelle, it seems, is trying to get better. She is in therapy, wears a cross around her neck and has possibly found faith.

Eve, on the other hand, seems in love – and is asked for help by her iconic boss Carolyn (Fiona Shaw). Because someone is killing members of the Twelve.

The iconic love story is alluded to in the “Killing Eve” trailer

Later in the video, Eve and Villanelle appear to meet for the first time in Season 4. Eve catches sight of Villanelle through the water of an aquarium – and this scene is pretty much reminiscent of the first meeting of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo and Claire Danes’ Juliet in the 1996 classic romance film “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet”.

Towards the end of the trailer for the 4th “Killing Eve” season, Eve then asks Villanelle if she knows the fable “The Scorpion and the Frog”, whereupon Villanelle ponders whether Eve is possibly the scorpion in the relationship between the two women.

The 4th and unfortunately also last season of “Killing Eve” will then appear on the US channel BBC America from February 27, 2022.

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