Jennifer Lawrence acknowledges the rumors of affair with Liam Hemsworth

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Jennifer Lawrence admitted to Andy Cohen that she never slept with Liam Hemsworth when he was dating Miley Cyrus; in an appearance on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live show,

During a round of Plead the Fifth, Andy questioned her about it because he said that when Miley’s song Flowers was released, there was a lot of speculation that the music video made reference to a covert affair she had with Liam, 33, while he was dating Miley, 30.

Fans have been curious about the exact cause of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s 2019 divorce. Some people speculated that Cyrus’ marriage may have ended because of her usage of drugs or alcohol after she opened up about her struggles with sobriety.

Moving forward, Cyrus released the song “Flowers” four years after their divorce, which was directly influenced by her relationship with Hemsworth. She welcomes being single and self-love in the song and music video. Did Miley give a hint of Jennifer Lawrence and Liam having an affair? Let’s find out what Jennifer has to say about this rumour.

Jennifer Lawrence
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Did something really happen between Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth romantically?

I just thought that was a coincidence because, as we all know, we only had one kiss and it was years after they split up. Jennifer stated. 

The Dailymail added, The actress was making reference to her 2015 Watch What Happens Live admission that she kissed Liam off-camera.

Liam and I have grown up together. Liam is quite attractive. What might you have done? Jennifer chuckled. Jennifer acknowledged that she sometimes feels compelled to comment on online rumours about her, but she doesn’t have a Twitter or Instagram account.

Jennifer stated, “It’s really upsetting if five people at a party think you slept with someone’s boyfriend.” “And then you multiply it by eight billion; I’m not good at math.”

Why do fans think Jennifer Lawrence and Liam had a fling while he was with Miley?

Miley was seen strolling around the Hollywood Hills in the Flowers music video wearing a slinky gold dress from Saint Laurent’s autumn/winter 1991 line. The video appeared on Liam’s birthday.

When Jennifer wore a gold Prabal Gurung dress to the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games on March 12, 2012, astute fans noticed the similarity between her clothes and Jennifer’s.

Although Miley has never publicly criticized Jennifer, some fans feel she was ‘throwing shade’ at the American Hustle actress because she and Liam were alleged to have had a relationship on the set of The Hunger Games. 

Between 2012 to 2015, Jennifer and Liam appeared as on-screen lovers Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne in the four-part sci-fi series.

The Oscar-winning actress also talked about her newest film, No Hard Feelings, and claimed that she didn’t back down when she learned that there was a fight sequence with a naked combat scene in it.

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