“It Was 100% Joy”: The Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa on being at Greta Gerwig’s Barbie’s set

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Ncuti Gatwa calls it a 100% joy to be part of Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ that will be released in July this year. The actor has recently opened up about his experience on the sets working with Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Simi Liu and other members of the movie. The Sex Education actor set to play the other version of Ken, can’t wait for the movie to be out soon.

&Quot;It Was 100% Joy&Quot;: The Sex Education Star Ncuti Gatwa On Being At Greta Gerwig'S Barbie'S Set
Credit: Warner Bros.

Ncuti Gatwa As Ken in upcoming Movie ‘Barbie’

The most anticipated movie of the year Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig has multiple cast members and had provided all sorts of Kens and Barbie in a two-hours movie time. Margot Robbie, Simi Liu and Ryan Gosling are seen in the movie; along with Ncuti Gatwa who has recently opened up about his journey through the making of the movie.

According to RTE, Ncuti Gatwa talked about his experience of being part of the huge starrer team. He said, “It was so much fun making it. I remember Simu Liu [Fresh Off The BoatKim’s Convenience], who is a fellow Ken and brilliant, he said something so beautiful when we were filming one time. He said, ‘I hope people watching it are going to receive just like a percentage of the joy that we’ve had making it’ – and it sounds so pretentious but it’s true”.

Only a month is left for the multi-starrer release and the Sex Education actor is already elated about the summer release of Barbie and says it was “100% joy” on set.

&Quot;It Was 100% Joy&Quot;: The Sex Education Star Ncuti Gatwa On Being At Greta Gerwig'S Barbie'S Set
Production Still Of Ncuti Gatwa From Sex Education (Netflix)

Ncuti Gatwa is overjoyed to be part of the movie and loved working alongside Margot and Ryan, who are some of the big names in Hollywood but at the same time very friendly and loving.

He said-“It was 100% joy on that set, every day. It was very difficult to get through any one take without dying with laughter. So much fun and silliness and importance – and pink – all those things are what Barbie is in equal measure.”- according to RTE.

Ncuti Gatwa Upcoming Ventures

&Quot;It Was 100% Joy&Quot;: The Sex Education Star Ncuti Gatwa On Being At Greta Gerwig'S Barbie'S Set
Credit- Bbc

Ncuti Gatwa known for his iconic role in ‘Sex Education’ Eric Effiong, recently bid adieu to the show after season 4 and is underway filming ‘Dr.Who‘. Eric Effiong lives in a small town whose parents are Ghanaian-Nigerian immigrant parents. Last May, BBC unveiled that Ncuti Gatwa will play an iconic role, becoming the first Black Doctor after 6 decades. The new season of Dr. Who is set in production but the behind scenes and teasers have already created hype.

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