How The Boys fails Black Noir in the season 3 finale’s shocking surprise

Spoiler Ahead!

Black Noir has so far remained largely a mystery throughout The Boys. If you will, a silent yet lethal killer up until lately.

Those who were clinging to the faint chance that there might be a fascinating backstory revealed were ultimately rewarded in episode seven.

The episode’s flashbacks exposed the onion-like layers of the enigmatic Supe, exposing a torturous and perverse past connected to Soldier Boy’s own. A past filled with mistreatment and degrading treatment at the hands of the Payback leader

This truth significantly contributed to the explanation of Black Noir’s (Nathan Mitchell) peculiar codependent relationship with Homelander (Antony Starr).

According to what Mitchell told Digital Spy: “It turns out that [Noir] still has some demons and worries that he believed he had conquered. He must therefore wrestle with those and make some difficult choices.”

These demons assume Soldier Boy’s form (Jensen Ackles). The experiences that have occurred between them have left such a lasting impression that it wouldn’t surprise us if they gave people nightmares.

As we now understand, the worry that Soldier Boy might one day return to exact retribution on those who had been accountable for his capture (including Noir) was well founded. Noir has been trembling in his black boots ever since he learned Soldier Boy was returned since he knows he is on his kill list.

How The Boys Fails Black Noir In The Season 3 Finale'S Shocking Surprise
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The liquid they were hoping to find has been waiting patiently for fans to scratch beneath Noir’s suit’s plated exterior.

Many others probably frothed at the mouth with delight when Noir summoned the bravery to “f**k up Soldier Boy” while being supported by his Looney Tunes team. Tweety Bird’s remarks, not ours, are a knockoff.

Homelander pardons Noir for running away and gives him a bromance hug, indicating that he also is in favor of the “murder Soldier Boy” scheme.

Aww. If their relationship hadn’t been founded on the ashes of evil crimes and bloodshed, it may even be sweet. Sadly, everything nice must come to an end, including their twisted and terrible relationship.

Homelander talks a little too kindly about how well he knows Noir during a private conversation, right down to the scarred face lying behind the mask, saying: “I am acquainted with you. I see you.”

He claims that he can read Noir like a book. He can tell when Noir is happy, unhappy, or lying, which is bad for Noir because Homelander threw him a major curveball and it would have been a mistake for him to blink.

Noir was unable to lie when questioned if he had known all along that Soldier Boy was Homelander’s father. Instead, Homelander gutted him—in the most literal sense of the word—and his heavy nod of acquiescence was met with a profound sense of remorse.

Noir’s internal organs spilled out in front of Homelander as he practically sank a fist deep into Noir’s abdomen, squelched around, and tore out something inside.

All done. It’s over. Two Noir-edging series fizzle and flop to the finish line, where they lay haphazardly. guts, blood, and all.

Imagine the pure, blazing-hot disappointment that erupts from supporters worldwide. Noir, dead, just as his character arc was starting to take off. We are unable to help but believe that his passing was a little too soon.

Given that this sudden death was the payoff, the previous seasons of his silent pondering seem to have been for nothing.

The Boys broke a fundamental rule of television. They compacted his lengthy, compelling narrative into a few episodes, congratulated themselves on a job well done, and then they threw him out with yesterday’s killings.

Noir has the ability to develop into one of The Boys’ most intriguing, complex characters. Not least of all because of his connection to father and son as well as how deeply ingrained he was in Vought’s dark past.

He seems to have only just begun to take on a personality before being killed off suddenly.

The result of his death was therefore one of disappointment, and it is unclear what motivated the creator to do rid of him at this point.

There was undoubtedly room for improvement. Many people would have undoubtedly been interested to learn who Black Noir might have been if not for Homelander’s presence and the worry over Soldier’s Boy’s potential reappearance. We too wouldn’t mind going down animation memory lane one more.

Sadly, we were denied the opportunity to learn the answer. We’ll do our best to remember you in upcoming seasons, Noir.