House of the Dragon: What is happening to Jacaerys Velaryon?

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Episode 10 of “House of the Dragon” sends us on an important mission with Jacaerys and Lucerys Velaryon. However, your journey will be very different. What will happen to Jacaerys in the future?

  • In episode 10 of “House of the Dragon”, Rhaenyra’s sons are sent on an important diplomatic mission.
  • How will the journey to the Vale of Arryn and to the north be for Jacaerys Velaryon?

In order to gather her allies in the 10th episode of “House of the Dragon” , the newly crowned Rhaenyra Targaryen sends her two sons Jace and Luc Velaryon on a mission. While Lucerys’ journey comes to a bitter end in Storm’s End, Jacaerys may have escaped safely. What Happens to the Queen’s Eldest Son in Season 2?

Messengers of war

After the treachery of Alicent and the Greens and the coronation of Aegon II is revealed, Rhaenyra and her family must regroup. Dragon Riders are sent to fly to allies in the realm and seek their loyalty. Lucerys is to fly the shortest route to Storm’s End as the youngest, while his brother Jacaerys is to travel to the Vale and Winterfell.

But while Lucery’s return voyage leads to a fateful encounter with Aemond Targaryen, we still know nothing about his brother’s fate. Will Jacaerys safely return to his mother, Queen Rhaenyra ?

Behind valley and mountain

While the tragic death of Lucerys at the hands of Aemond’s dragon Vhagar is certain, no such tragedies shall befall Jacaerys on his diplomatic mission. At least according to the official story of George RR Martin in “Fire and Blood”.

Thus, Jacaerys is not ambushed by enemy dragons on his flight to the Vale to seek assistance from Lady Arryn and onward journey to Lord Cregan Stark of Winterfell.

After Aemond and Vhagar, the Greens only have two other dragons anyway: Sunfire from Aegon and Dreamdancer from Helaena , both of which remain in King’s Landing. So there is no immediate danger for Jacaerys, the heir of Rhaenyra .

What is Jacaerys’ mission in Arryn Valley?

Jacaerys’ first target is the Vale of Arryn, ruled by Lady Jeyne Arryn. Because of her mother’s heritage, Rhaenyra suspects that the Vale and the Arryns will back her claim to the throne.

“Fire and Blood” gives us several versions of how Jace convinced Lady Jeyne to join the blacks under Rhaenyra. An amusing one, but most likely false, is that he sexually masturbated Lady Jeyne to gain her support.

However, it is much more likely that Lady Jeyne chose Rhaenyra because she is also a woman who rules. Likewise, Jeyne may have acted on family commitments as Rhaenyra’s mother, the late Lady Aemma, was Jeyne’s cousin.

After Jace assured Lady Jeyne that dragons will protect the Vale from attack, she pledged her support and swords to him. However, young Jacaerys’ journey is set to go further north.

What is Jacaerys’ mission in the north?

Jacaerys’ second assignment will be to convince the Lord of Winterfell, Cregan Stark , to remember his father’s oath and swear allegiance to Rhaenyra. As Rhaenyra said, Lord Cregan Stark and Jacaerys are of the same age, which might facilitate a dialogue and agreement between the two.

It is to be, for during Jacaerys’ stay at Winterfell , he and the dour but loyal Cregan Stark become friends. Together they hunt, train and drink together. So this search for allies of Jacaerys should also prove successful.

While it will take time for the North to gather and support Rhaenyra in the war, Cregan Stark and his men will then become a crucial power factor in the South. We won’t see that until Season 2 of House of the Dragon , which is currently in production.

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