House of the Dragon: This is why Rhaenys Targaryen’s actions are causing the downfall of the dragons

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With her actions in House of the Dragon, Rhaenys Targaryen causes one of the most devastating events in Westeros. This determines the fate of the dragons.

  • In episode 9 of “House of the Dragon,” Rhaenys breaks through the floor of the dragon pit with her dragon Meleys.
  • With her action, Rhaenys has laid the foundation for a fateful destiny.
  • Enraged by the nobility and their power through their dragons, the men and women of King’s Landing storm the Dragon Pit, ensuring the end of the dragon race.

The action-packed ending of the ninth episode of “House of the Dragon” shows Rhaenys Targaryen breaking through the floor of the dragon pit with her dragon Meleys. This impressive scene sets the stage for the bloody end of the dragons.

When Rhaenys interrupts the coronation ceremony of Aegon II. Targaryen with her appearance, all eyes are on the princess and the royal family. Rhaenys defiantly faces the High Towers and Greens and spares their lives with a powerful but non-violent gesture.

Her actions nevertheless have consequences, especially for the people of Westeros. Indeed, Rhaenys’ decision to spare the royal family undoubtedly stirs up anger among the townsfolk.

What moves the people?

Rhaenys’ non-violent action towards the nobility is certainly highly credited to her by the houses of the realm, but the same cannot be said for the people. In fact, her chivalrous actions have consequences that the common people, above all, must bear.

It has been known for years that the Greens around Otto and Alicent Hohenturm want to take over power in the Seven Kingdoms. Even if there is no war yet, even the common people know that a conflict between the Greens and Blacks and Rhaenyra Targaryen will inevitably arise.

It is the innocent subjects of the kingdom who suffer most from a war. They often lose everything and fight a battle that is not theirs. Surely in their frustration they remember the moment when Rhaenys could have ended the war by spitting fire.

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the event itself. Through Rhaenys, the citizens and townsfolk of King’s Landing have once again been reminded of how powerful dragons are and how much damage they can do.

When Rhaenys breaks through the ground, many visitors to the coronation ceremony fall to their deaths or are hit by debris. There will have been deaths and injuries, and all because a noblewoman wanted to showcase her power.

It is tragically ironic that Rhaenys’ mercy for the Greens will lead to one of the most world-changing acts in the history of Westeros.

The Storm of the Dragon Pit and the End of the Dragons

The Storm of the Dragon Pit is one of the most devastating events in the Dance of Dragons legacy war, leading to the deaths of five dragons and ultimately the end of the dragon race.

After Rhaenyra succeeds in conquering King’s Landing for herself, she is initially celebrated by the population for it. But the mood in the kingdom changes. An angry mob forms, which gathers around a prophet who calls himself “Shepherd”.

Under his leadership, the citizens of Königmund storm into the Dragon Pit to take the dragons from the noble houses. On the Green side, there are three losses: the dragons of Aegon II’s children Shrykos and Morghul, and the dragon of his wife Helaena, Dreamfire.

The loss of the Blacks in the storming is even more devastating. To save his dragon Tyraxes from the onslaught, Gottfrid Velaryon steals the dragon Syrax from his mother Rheanyra.

But a dragon only allows one rider at a time, so Syrax fights off the young prince. The boy loses his grip and falls into the depths. He dies in the arms of a strange city dweller. This also seals the end of Syrax and Tyraxes.

Gottfrid’s dragon dies in the dragon pit and Rhaenyra’s companion is taken from the sky. When her mount dies, she flees the city. Powerless, without a dragon, Rhaenyra’s death is thus also predetermined.

After the “Dance of the Dragons”, there are hardly any dragons left alive. With the reign of Rhaenyra’s son Aegon III Targaryen the last dragon dies. Not until 200 years later will Daenerys Targaryen succeed in bringing back the dragon race.

When do we see the storming of the Dragon Pit in House of the Dragon?

According to George R. R. Martin’s book “Fire and Blood”, Aegon II’s coronation takes place in the year 129 after Aegon the Conqueror. The storming of the Dragon Pit is in the following year. Thus, the onslaught is not seen in the first season.

Since events will come to a head with the upcoming season finale of “House of the Dragon,” there will not be as many time jumps in the second season of the series. In total, the “Dance of the Dragons” went on for only two years.