House of the Dragon: This is what’s behind Aemond Targaryen’s eye patch

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In the seventh episode of House of the Dragon, Aemond Targaryen lost his left eye. Since then he wears an eye patch. But behind it is not only a scar, but something that has become a symbol of terror.

  • In the 7th episode of “House of the Dragon” there is an argument within the Targaryen family.
  • Lucerys Velaryon gouged out his uncle Aemond Targaryen’s left eye in a quarrel.
  • Now his empty eye socket is adorned with a magnificent sapphire.

The intro of “House of the Dragon” Episode 9 reveals, unnoticed, what is hidden behind Aemond’s eye patch. The short sequence before each episode shows the family tree of the Targaryen dynasty. However, this was slightly changed for the penultimate episode.

If you don’t look closely, you will probably have missed this small detail. A shiny sapphire now adorns the family tree. This one stands for none other than Aemond Targaryen.

After Lucerys Velaryon gouged out his uncle’s eye in a quarrel, Aemond wears an eye patch. The patch, however, is not only to hide the ugly scar, but also a shining sapphire that sits in place of his eye.

His new eye becomes his personal seal, which he wears with pride. It is the symbol of his strength and the acts of terror he will commit as a gifted warrior. Aemond shows the gem only when he wants to present his power to opponents.

A sapphire for a lifetime

After losing his eye, Aemond is consumed with a desire for revenge. He swallows these for six years until an opportunity presents itself to him. The decision to remove his eye patch shows Aemond’s willingness to reignite the feud with Lucerys.

The scene shown teases the first attack Aemond the clansman will commit in the name of the Greens.

In another short clip, Rhaenyra Targaryen can be seen receiving Otto Hohenturm as the crowned queen. Afterwards, the Greens will send Aemond to Stormcap to ask for Borros Boratheon’s support for Aegon II. Targaryen. The Blacks, however, plan to do the same for Rhaenyra and send Lucerys as a messenger.

The two relatives will inevitably clash and so it happens that Aemond will kill his nephew Lucerys. This murder escalates the situation between the Green and Black and the “Dance of the Dragons” begins.

In the second season of “House of the Dragon” Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen will take revenge for this deed. A son for a son.

Amara Elvita
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