House of the Dragon: Battle of the twin brothers Erryk and Arryk Cargyll

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In House of the Dragon, the Cargyll brothers Erryk and Arryk serve in the Kingsguard. In the Dance of the Dragons, however, they are on opposite sides – a battle is brewing …

  • The Hound and the Mountain from “Game of Thrones” were once, now there is new brother discord in Westeros.
  • Erryk and Arryk Cargyll look extremely similar as twins, but fight for different sides.
  • How the story will end for the Cargylls.

Westeros has a new king! In episode 9 of “House of the Dragon,” the Small Council overrode the wishes of the late King Viserys and crowned not his daughter Rhaenyra, but Aegon II, Viserys’ joint son with Alicent.

After the king’s death, Otto Hohenturm sent the twin brothers Erryk and Arryk Cargyll from the Kingsguard to find Aegon in King’s Landing. At the same time, Kriston Kraut and Aemond searched for Aegon on behalf of Alicent, and eventually the two groups came to blows when they found Aegon.

Arryk fought with Kriston Kraut, meanwhile Aemond grabbed his brother and brought him to Alicent. Erryk, on the other hand, made a run for it to free Rhaenys, who had been locked up all this time so she wouldn’t be able to tell Rhaenyra about what was happening in King’s Landing.

Here Erryk already shows that he is on the side of Rhaenyra, while Arryk faithfully serves Otto Hohenturm and thus also King Aegon II. Erryk is still acting in secret here, but it won’t be long before the two Cargylls face each other as enemies.

Of course, “Fire and Blood” already reveals more about the further history of Erryk and Arryk. Changes in the series are possible, so Erryk in the book was also actually with Rhaenyra on Dragonstone when King Viserys died, yet the following paragraphs could contain major spoilers, you have been warned as!

The story of Erryk and Arryk in “Fire and Blood”

In “Fire and Blood,” Erryk leads the Queen’s Guard of Rhaenyra on Dragonstone. Kriston Kraut wants to use the identical appearance of the Cargyll twins to his advantage and sends Arryk to Dragonstone to impersonate Erryk and kill Rhaenyra and her children.

Erryk discovers his brother, however, and they killed each other, though the exact circumstances of this event are not known. In some versions of the story Erryk and Arryk declared their love for each other beforehand, in other versions they fought for hours and eventually died crying, in yet other tales they called each other traitors or simply said nothing at all.

Thus, it is left to “House of the Dragon” to come up with an official ending for the Cargylls, but they will both die. In the upcoming season finale, however, it won’t be that time yet, but Rhaenyra’s reaction to the betrayal in King’s Landing awaits. Season 2 is fortunately already in the works and then the hot phase in the brotherly struggle begins!

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