High School Musical: The Musical season 4 trailer hints the return of the original Wildcats in the show

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Who says we have to let High School Musical go? Currently, we don’t. 

Season 4 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, the show’s final season, will officially premiere along with the fourth entry on Disney+. The Wildcats were abandoned at Camp Shallow Lake in the middle of the woods during the third season of HSMTMTS, removing them from their natural environment. (Some of you may recall that Nini Salazar-Roberts, played by Olivia Rodrigo, and E.J. Caswell, played by Matt Cornett, started their relationship at the same theatre summer camp called Shallow Lake.) 

For our favourite group of theatre kids, that summer was undoubtedly memorable because they had to deal with each other’s secrets, personal struggles, relationship problems, and reality-show-level drama while putting on a successful camp production of the musical Frozen. Season 4 episodes will drop “all at once,” according to a statement from showrunner Tim Federle to fans on June 21. This is in contrast to previous seasons, which have released new episodes on a weekly basis. 

High School musical: The musical
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Gina and Ricky continue to explore their relationship in the 4th season of High School musical: The Musical

When the senior class returns to school in the fall, they learn that East High is once again being utilized as a film set, this time for High School Musical 4: The Reunion, and they will all get to be movie extras in the most mind-bending meta plot twist imaginable. Disney+ has confirmed that season 4 will include both fresh music and songs from the first iteration of the High School Musical franchise. Federle remarked, “It is so meta,” to People in June 2023. At this point, it resembles Inception with jazz hands. I believe every episode contains Easter eggs.

The cast and crew hinted to the upcoming season by saying that the characters’ story arcs are packed full: In addition to dealing with many of the same difficulties Troy and Gabriella did in HSM 3, Ricky and Gina will continue to explore their developing relationship. Kourtney will also have to make significant decisions as she gets ready for college, and Ashlyn will go on a quest to understand her “queerdom.”

Will Olvia Rodrigo return in the upcoming season of High School Musical: The Musical

According to TeenVogue, Showrunner Tim Federle said that season 1 and season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical star Olivia Rodrigo would not be returning to reprise her role as Nini Salazar-Roberts in subsequent seasons of the show back in July 2022, after her character was downgraded from regular to recurring. Federle cited schedule issues as the cause of Rodrigo’s resignation from the program, despite the fact that the pop star had achieved enormous success and just finished her first world tour. In season 3, the showrunner pledged to give Nini “a proper sendoff” while still giving other characters a chance to “step into the spotlight.”

high school misic: the musical
Credit: Disney+

You can catch HSMTMTS season 4 on Disney+ on 9th August 2023. Till then, keep reading us for more inside gossip!

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