Al Pacino’s 29 year-old-girlfriend, Noor gave birth to a baby boy

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There are perks of being the top dog in Hollywood, and for Al Pacino, those benefits include a long list of gorgeous women from the silver screen.The Oscar winner, who has never been wed, has long been active in the dating world, developing relationships with celebrities like Diane Keaton and Marthe Keller, to name a couple.

Al Pacino apparently had no plans whatsoever to become a parent, in contrast to Hollywood actor Robert De Niro. Al Pacino’s unexpected pregnancy announcement came days after Robert, 79, disclosed he had a daughter with fiancée Tiffany Chen.

According to People, the actor just gave birth to his first child with his girlfriend and film producer Noor Alfallah, a newborn boy. Roman Pacino is the name of the couple’s son.

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According to reports, Noor, 29, has been seeing The Godfather actor since April 2022. When they were photographed together eating supper earlier, romance rumours first began to circulate.

Robert De Niro, 79, who co-starred with Al Pacino in The Godfather 2, welcomed his seventh child with partner Tiffany Chen earlier this year. Their daughter is known by the name Gia Virginia Chen De Niro.

How Al Pacino started dating girlfriend Noor Alfallah

Al Pacino’s filmography is well known, but for those who are unfamiliar with him, he is best known as the star of the enduring The Godfather series. He has also appeared in a number of other classic movies, including Scarface, Scent of a Woman, Heat, Serpico, Sea of Love, The Devil’s Advocate, The Insider,…And Justice for All, Carlito’s Way, Donnie Brasco, Ocean’s Thirteen, and many more. The actor has recently appeared in movies like Danny Collins, The Irishman on Netflix, House of Gucci, The Pirates of Somalia, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, to mention a few.

The actor discussed fatherhood in-depth in an interview with The New Yorker from 2014 in the magazine. He claimed at the time that having kids filled the “missing link” left by his father abandoning his mother and him when he was a young boy.

The Irishman star claimed, “I deliberately realized that I didn’t want to be like my dad. “I desired to be present. My three kids are here. I have a duty to them. I participate in their lives. They and I both get upset when I’m not.

According to Page Six sources, “Pacino and Noor began dating during the pandemic. She primarily dates older, extremely wealthy men; she dated Mick Jagger before moving on to Nicholas Berggruen. She has been dating Al for a while, and they get along great. Despite the fact that he is older than her father, the age difference doesn’t seem to be an issue. She hails from a rich background and hangs around with the wealthy jet-set crowd.

AI also have kids with his ex-girlfriend and acting coach Jan Tarrant, Al Pacino is also the father of Julie Marie, 33. Along with ex-girlfriend Beverly D’Angelo, who he dated from 1997 to 2003, he is also the father of 22-year-old twins Anton and Olivia.

Nevertheless, Congratulations to the parents from us!

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