Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 Ending, Explained: Is Gisele Still Alive?

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Raphael Montes’s “Good Morning, Veronica” (also known as “Bom Dia, Veronica“), a gripping and deeply frightening crime thriller series based on his and Ilana Casoy’s book, tries to highlight the imbalance of power in abusive relationships. Veronica, a part-time clerk in the Homicide division of Sao Paolo, becomes entangled in a peculiar plot as she looks for a serial killer.

The destruction of Veronica’s family is also due to the conspiracy, which includes police enforcement. Veronica travels dangerous waters while taking on a false identity, and the truth is not very appetizing. There are still several questions that remain unresolved, even the final cliffhanger, which leaves you wondering what will happen to Veronica. Let’s try to find solutions together, if you’re ready.

Spoilers ahead!

Good Morning Veronica Season 2 Recap

Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 Ending, Explained: Is Gisele Still Alive?
Good Morning, Veronica © Netflix

Starting with the events that followed Carvana’s dying and Veronica’s alleged demise, the second season immediately gets us up to speed. Despite the fact that Claudio is also deceased, Veronica assumes the character of Janete, Claudio’s deceased partner. You might remember how Anita shot Veronica but Carvana’s bulletproof car kept her safe. At the beginning of the series, Anita and a masked motorcyclist try to launder money, but it goes tragically wrong. When the transaction fails, two people die there and there, and the biker flees.

Veronica is aware that there are more issues at hand. She starts looking into the enigmatic incidents between the police and the Cosmas and Damian Orphanages. These kids are receiving law enforcement training at the orphanage. They have been integrating many of people into the military for a while. Carvana made reference to an all-powerful covenant of “they” within the criminal justice system. Veronica will have to piece together their identities thereafter. She finds Valdo’s mother Antonia as a result of her quest. Under the name Rossi, he works for these persons.

Under pressure, he reveals Dome’s identity. Periodically, Nelson and Prata go to see Veronica. While Nelson and Veronica enjoy a romantic connection, Prata urges Veronica to reconnect with the family. However, Veronica cannot put the lives of her kids in jeopardy since she interacts with some horrifyingly powerful persons. The commissioner, Carlos Alberto, learns that Veronica is still alive. He murders Veronica’s father and runs away before Veronica can shoot him to death.

Veronica continues to live. Her investigation reveals that the Cosmas and Damian Orphanage has been seized by the House of the Saints. Nelson also dies in a car explosion, but he gives Veronica Gloria Volp’s contact information. Gloria Volp is the division’s chief of crimes against women. After following the lead for thirty minutes, Veronica had convinced Gloria. When Nelson dies, she returns to her house to get the urn containing Janete’s ashes. Anita gives Veronica a breath because she thinks she might still be alive.

In a connected development, we get to meet the charismatic prophet Matias Carneiro. He teaches the value of family in the healing process while “healing” people and helping to restore their faith. Additionally, he appeared to be content in his marriage to Gisele. Their attractive and intelligent daughter Angela makes their family seem complete. Before thanking her father in the opening interview scene, Angela is uptight, which draws attention to the contradictions. Matias regularly invites young female visitors into the house and makes claims that he can heal them.

Angela is in love with Carol, a homeless girl who was saved by the church and ended up in the orphanage. The older and more substantial orphanage is Soul in Faith. Evenings find Angela sneaking out of the house to meet Carol for a few drinks at a pub. When Veronica overhears the conversation, she calls Angela. Angela is already curious about what goes on in the Healing House because she frequently sees the visitors there miserable and nude. Veronica tries to convince Angela that her father is a predatory sexual person. Angela makes use of a clandestine internet connection to verify Veronica’s claim.

Angela develops an obsession with eating extraterrestrial chemicals after discovering the truth about her father. To allay Angela’s fears, Matias informs her that she has the same healing power as him. Matias agrees to allow Angela to help out in the Healing House when the time is right.

Veronica travels to Matias’ sermon in search of a remedy for her infertility. Veronica’s friend Angela, who is already acquainted with her, claims to experience the pain. Veronica goes under the bogus name Marta and joins the Carneiro residence. Gloria Volp keeps an eye on everything thanks to Veronica’s earrings, which double as microphones. However, Matias learns the truth about Veronica when Anita knocks on the door seeking for her. As she leaves the house, Matias has ideas for how to calm the chaos.

Good Morning Veronica Season 2 Ending: Is Gisele Still Alive?

Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 Ending, Explained: Is Gisele Still Alive?
Good Morning, Veronica © Netflix

Gisele is one of the quietest characters this season. As opposed to Janete from the first season, Gisele appeared to have a lovely marriage and life. At first, Matias doesn’t appear to be abusing anyone. As the narrative progresses, Gisele may be seen using a hooked belt to harm herself. Matias makes the other women wear the belt as well as part of the “therapy.” Gisele seemed to be pained and helpless on the inside, yet keeping a straight face and standing by her husband.

Once Gisele discovers her father’s secrets, she corrects Angela. Gisele seems to support Matias despite the terrible outcomes. Once Veronica enters the house and her name is revealed, Matias lashes out at Gisele. Soon later, the wife disappears, and Matias offers Angela a job with his wife. While Angela plays along and waits for the right moment to act, Gloria receives an accusatory recording from Veronica, which she releases to the public.

It would seem that Veronica was correct in her suspicions that the group was in fact mercenary training while acting as an orphanage. The people who don’t qualify as mercenaries are sold to Spain and other European countries. However, by outing Matias’ true nature, the conclusion conceals divine wrath. Previously thought to be dead, Gisele suddenly reappears and astonishingly admits that she is Matias’ child. Other women in the sermon spoke out against Matias’ abuse after the disclosure. Gisele is fortunately protected, but it looks like Matias may have to split ways with his prosperous business in the finale.

Who Is Dome?

Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 Ending, Explained: Is Gisele Still Alive?
Good Morning, Veronica © Netflix

While investigating the Cosmas and Damian orphanage cases, Veronica meets Rossi. This person, whose true name is Valdo, had resided in the orphanage but is now an enforcer for Matias in the police. We initially think Matias is Dome before learning we are incorrect.

In the season finale, Dome appears briefly, but his face is not revealed. However, after putting everything together, we understand Dome is the biker dressed in a black suit who departs the crime scene in the season’s opening few episodes. Dome was raised in the orphanage and now works as a mercenary for Matias and the church.

In response to Veronica’s pursuit of Matias, he pledged to pursue her kids. As the second season comes to a close, Matias presents Dome with a picture of Lila, Veronica’s younger daughter. When Matias asks Dome if he loves the photo, the question’s deeper connotation may point to Matias’ ulterior motives. Sophia earlier makes mention to a man who engages in international human trafficking. Although he is Pablo Albacete in the church records, he goes by the codename Tenor. Is he a Dome? Will Dome harm Lila in any way? As the cliffhanger closes in on us, we understand that there will be some time before we learn whether Veronica can actually save Lila.

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