Gen V: The Boys spin off is all set to release soon

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Gen V has officially been assigned a release month. Gen V, a spinoff of The Boys, is set in the same world as The Boys, where people with superpowers, or Supes, are revered as gods, celebrities, and leaders. Gen V focuses on college-aged superheroes at Godolkin University instead of Homelander or Vought’s other well-known superheroes. Vought established the institution to educate Supes, the greatest of which would eventually join the ranks of the organization and maybe make up the Seven.

Gen V will be released in September; Prime film has just announced a fresh promotional film featuring many of their future shows.

Gen V is just one of the future Prime Video series shown in the clip. This affirmation comes in the wake of earlier Gen V release window hints that suggested a Fall 2023 delivery timeframe. The Boys season 4 is currently in the early phases of post-production, and showrunner Eric Kripke revealed that it wouldn’t be released until the writers’ strike is over, so this might be the last release in The Boys universe for a long. This is due to the post-production dialogue writing and recording process, which is currently being held up by both the writers’ and actors’ strikes.

Gen V
Credit: Prime Films

What can fans expect from the upcoming Gen V movie?

One of the potential Prime Video series displayed in the clip is Gen V. This confirmation follows earlier signals about the Gen V release timeline that pointed to a Fall 2023 delivery date. Season 4 of The Boys is presently in the early stages of post-production, and according to showrunner Eric Kripke, it won’t be published until the writers’ strike is finished. As a result, this could be the last instalment of The Boys franchise for a while. This is because both the writers’ and performers’ strikes are now delaying the post-production dialogue writing and recording process.

Throughout Gen V, The Boys’ characters will also make an appearance. Given Godolkin University’s close ties to Vought, Colby Minifie will be repeating her role as Ashley Barrett, CEO of Vought. As A-Train, a former Godolkin graduate and current member of the Seven, Jessie T. Usher will return as well. A cameo appearance by Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy is also anticipated by many.

Gen V’s strong link with The Boys’ universe

The Red River Institute was first mentioned in the second episode of The Boys Present: Diabolical. It serves as a group home for orphaned and parentless children with superpowers. However, the animated series is not canon (with the exception of the finale). But that changed in The Boys’ third season. Victoria Neuman, a congresswoman, was actually Nadia, a covert Supe, as Hughie found. After mistakenly killing her parents, she spent her childhood at the Red River Institute, which is reportedly not a wonderful place to live.

Gen V
Credit: Prime Films

Some kids at Red River—whose ages vary from at least 3 to 17, according to what we know—found themselves there for comparable reasons. Others, though, had been handed over to Vought’s custody when their parents decided they couldn’t or wouldn’t care for their super-talented child. One of the primary characters of Generation V was also introduced in the case files Hughie stole from the group home. (More to follow on that.)

Showrunner of The Boys, Eric Kripke, has stated that events established in the third season of the original series will be reacted to and expanded upon in Gen V. Kripke stated the following to Deadline:

Gen V will be released in September 2023.

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