For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

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The race to Mars is the main topic of “For All Mankind’s” third season on Apple TV. The TV drama takes an exciting new turn when NASA, Helios, and Roscosmos all launch their missions to Mars. In the season finale, “Stranger In A Strange Land,” the chaos on Mars starts to quiet down, and the astronauts must come up with a strategy to return to Earth. Planning a comeback is challenging for the group because Kelly Baldwin is pregnant.

At the same time, a terrible incident rocks the Johnson Space Center and drastically changes the lives of several people. If you’re interested in learning what occurred to the astronauts and ground crew, we have the information you need. Here is everything you need to know about “For All Mankind” season 3 episode 10’s ending.

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap And Ending, Explained
For All Mankind © Apple TV+ (Pachinko Season 2)

The North Korean astronaut lands on Mars in the opening sequence of “For All Mankindthird “‘s season finale, “Stranger in a Strange Land.” After he spends some time alone, Danielle and Kuznetsov approach his spacecraft to retrieve a docking system needed for their return to Earth. The North Korean astronaut also travels to their base with Danielle and Kuznetsov. Kelly is just a few months pregnant, therefore she needs to travel to Earth as soon as possible.

There was increased pressure on Ellen to resign as president of the White House as a result of the Martian disaster and the revelation of her sexuality. Margo is being investigated while Lenara Catiche is in Houston, she is told. Catiche offers Margo Soviet protection, but she refuses. Catiche asserts that it was Aleida Rosales who informed the FBI of Margo’s ties to the Soviet Union. However, Margo tells Aleida to focus on finding a way to get their astronauts back to Earth.

Karen seeks guidance from Molly Cobb over her professional life. Later, Karen informs Dev Ayesa that the Helios board has requested her to take over as CEO. Dev attempts to spark a workers’ revolt after hearing the news, which upsets him. But Karen puts a fast end to the uprising. The astronauts begin putting together their return mission on Mars. However, due to the MSAM’s weight limitations, only Kelly and a pilot are able to be transferred to the Phoenix. Jimmy and his friends are getting ready to stir up some trouble at the Johnson Space Center.

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Ending: Does Kelly Return to Earth?

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap And Ending, Explained
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In the episode, Kelly’s pregnancy poses a significant difficulty for Ed Baldwin and the NASA ground staff as they work to save their astronauts. The astronauts decide to stay put and send only Kelly to Earth because the MSAM cannot hold the weight of nine humans. Kelly is supposed to board the Phoenix spacecraft, which is orbiting Mars, according to a plan created by NASA and Helios. The spaceship is capable of reaching Earth.

Despite the dangers involved, Ed eventually operates the MSAM and launches Kelly into orbit; she safely makes it to Phoenix. But Kelly’s return to Earth isn’t depicted, and her fate isn’t made clear until the very end of the show. Later, viewers can see Kelly and her baby staring at the night sky from a window. The scene indicated that Kelly had safely returned to Earth. She also has a healthy baby, and the two of them are waiting for Ed and the others to come back.

Does Ed Baldwin Die?

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap And Ending, Explained
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In the episode, Ed Baldwin starts yet another dangerous mission. He commands the MSAM hauling Kelly into orbit. Kelly, though, can only be launched by the MSAM almost into orbit. The MSAM doesn’t have the energy to perform a landing once the goal has been achieved, allowing Ed to safely reach the surface. Ed is willing to take a chance even if the mission appears to be suicide-related in order to save the lives of his daughter and grandchild.

Ed turns to Molly Cobb for help with the difficult landing. Molly instructs Ed to focus on the horizon and wait for the best chance to perform a free fall so that he crashes safely on the ground. Ed tries the free fall, but when the MSAm catches fire, it becomes difficult for him to survive. Ed, though, manages to flee the chaos unhurt. At the episode’s conclusion, Ed and the other astronauts start building a Mars colony. They are currently forced to wait until Sojourner-2’s arrival on Earth in a few years.

What Happens at Johnson Space Center?

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap And Ending, Explained
For All Mankind © Apple TV+

In the episode, Jimmy and his anti-NASA allies appear at the Johnson Space Center. But Jimmy recognizes right away that the group is working on something sinister. Before Jimmy can warn anyone, the group knocks him out. Finally, Karen finds Jimmy in a van. As she liberates Jimmy, Karen learns that the vehicle is packed with explosives. The group sets off the bombs before Karen can alert security. A massive explosion that results as a result startles NASA mission control outside the Johnson Space Center.

Despite being close to the explosion, Karen is killed in it. Molly assists in the rescue of the survivors at the Johnson Space Center as Aleida searches for Marco. By the time Aleida arrives at Margo’s office, it has already been demolished. Margo’s body has not been found, hence it is thought that she is deceased. In a later newspaper piece, it is revealed that Molly died while attempting to save the bomb blast survivors.

In the final seconds of the episode, the scene shifts to 2003. Margo is revealed to exist. She is in a different circumstance from Sergei, who is settling into life in America. Margo is likely currently in Russia. Margo was scheduled for arrest because of her ties to the Soviet Union and her sharing of NASA’s engine plans with them. Margo gave up trying to save Sergei’s life, but even if she had been successful, she probably wouldn’t have been able to avoid the FBI’s investigation and subsequent incarceration. As a result, Margo presumably asked Catiche for help in defecting to Russia. As a result, the bomb blast was used to simulate her alleged death in the USA.