The ABC Murders Season 2: Everything We Know

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Without going into too much detail, it is undoubtedly obvious that crime fiction as a whole, regardless of the media, is a huge money maker. Will The ABC Murders season 2 available? Let’s find out!

At the risk of disclosing information you may already be aware of, we want to emphasize that, at least in the UK, crime fiction continues to be the genre that generates the highest profit margins for publishers. This has likely been the case for more than three decades. Even if we completely exclude fiction on TV, true crime reigns as the ideal reality TV balance that delicately balances fact-finding and pure entertainment appeal.

When one moves from non-scripted to scripted territory and into the realm of cop procedurals, things start to get a little picky (and hit-or-miss). Cop procedurals are almost universally acknowledged to be a subgenre where things will surely go south. The many fundamental problems of it quickly appear when producers attempt for a sustained run on a single series. Spy thrillers have historically been an easy practice dummy for parodies. As always, other targeted thriller frameworks have been the saving grace. These frameworks can be a genre mashup of mystery and psychological horror, higher artistic worth and attention on atmospheric and cinematographic components, or the tried-and-true detective story with a plot that makes sense.

For the last of the aforementioned, there have undoubtedly been a number of original scriptwriting approaches, and over the years, we have seen some excellent writing in original productions, but the reality is that the bigger money and attraction still appear to obsess on adaptations.

The obvious evidence for this is the large number of high-profile productions featuring famous actors in roles traditionally played by detectives. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes (Holmes is the hot stuff no wonder, as Robert Downey Jr. and Ian McKellen have also recently stepped into Holmes’ shoes) is one example, but also take into account ITV’s Maigret adaptation (2016–2017), which starred none other than Rowan Atkinson in the title role. Although the show did not receive nearly as much attention as anticipated given how wonderful it was overall, this does not spell the end for our beloved continental investigators.

The 2018 BBC One adaptation of Belgian detective Poirot, The ABC Murders, may succeed where Belgian novelist Simenon’s French investigator Maigret failed to join the big bucks club. Without a doubt, Agatha Christie’s Poirot and many of her engrossing books starring the renowned and eccentric detective have been adapted for the screen; there have even been attempts at an anime and manga version. The ABC Murders, which was written by Sarah Phelps and directed by Alex Gabassi, made its debut on December 26, 2018.

The ABC Murders Cast: Who’s in it?

The ABC Murders Season 2: Everything We Know
The ABC Murders © Amazon Prime Video

By virtue of its star power, the cast of ABC Murders surpasses the numerous dime-a-dozen attempts at detective TV shows on all networks that support real crime. Coming from a British actor foundation, the cast selection is not solely centered on Hollywood renown, but the group that includes Malkovich and Buchan is certainly no small fry.

To illustrate, consider the fact that John Malkovich, who plays Poirot, is a sexagenarian actor with over 70 theatrical works to his credit. In the early 1990s, he was a well-known rising star who received two Oscar nominations for the films Places in the Heart and In The Line of Fire. Kevin McNally, who starred in Pirates of the Caribbean, is fantastic as Inspector Japp, but alas, the adaptation hardly affords him any screen time. Inspector Crome, played by Rupert Grint, a.k.a. Ron Weasley from the renowned Harry Potter film series, is earmarked for the position of second in command.

The ABC Murders Plot: What is it about?

The ABC Murders Season 2: Everything We Know
The ABC Murders © Amazon Prime Video

The ABC Murders is a direct adaptation from the same-titled book by Agatha Christie for the film, however only the main plot is faithful to the original work. The show occasionally veers off course and uses artistic license to better suit the demands of the TV medium and production. The major complaint from many readers of the original novel is the lack of Hastings and the scant appearance of Japp.

The program has lifted the bar even higher for upcoming Poirot adaptation projects, while it does go far beyond the requirements of a quality adaptation. Being a detective thriller, it is challenging to sum up the plot without giving away significant spoilers, which would defeat the purpose of the show in the first place.

The plot’s core premise is that of a pursuit thriller, in which Poirot pursues a serial killer who teases him with an A.B.C. letter before killing people in a manner reminiscent of the Batman-Joker relationship. The story neatly ends off by the end of the third episode and does not stray too far from the main plot of the original novel, despite some significant changes from the original, such as Inspector Japp’s early departure.

The ABC Murders Season 2 Release date: When will it premiere?

The ABC Murders Season 2: Everything We Know
The ABC Murders © Amazon Prime Video

The ABC Murders was a 3-part special and an adaptation that already wrapped up the whole plot of the original novel, despite its popularity and positive reviews. There is little to no likelihood of a second season, and Prime Video is relying more on the popularity of Agatha Christie than on the reputation of Hercule Poirot. You might want to keep an eye out for Death Comes As The End, which the Radio Times has revealed will be the upcoming Agatha Christie adaption for Prime subscribers. The ABC Murders Season 2’s release dates and chance of a renewal are both still up in the air.

The ABC Murders Trailer

Along with how the likelihood of a direct season 2 of the show is extremely low, there has also been virtually no news or updates on the network renewing the show for another season. It’s likely that production hasn’t even begun for it yet. If you haven’t already, fans of the show can watch the first season on Amazon Prime. The official first season trailer, which you can view here, would be a terrific place to start if you were looking to dive into the show for the first time.

The ABC Murders - Official Trailer [HD] | Prime Video