Fans find Marry My Dead Body HILARIOUS

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Marry My Dead Body has given a lot of audiences fun and talked about sensitive issues like LGBTQ+ and people discarding them as untouchables. The movie streamed on Netflix yesterday had a pretty good response from people and really loved the idea of a gay marriage turning into a ghost marriage. The actors Greg Han and Austin Liu have given such an amazing act on the screen that viewers were laughing hard.

Fans find Marry My Dead Body HILARIOUS

Marry My Dead Body Plot: A Ghost Marriage of a Straight Man with a Gay Man

A hardcore police officer Wu Ming-Han who wants to crack the hardest cases and is the toughest as the movie portrays, has an ick for homosexuals. He despises them in all possible ways as he can. He soon finds himself in a chase of a drug dealer and gets him to the police station with his colleague Lin Tzu-Ching, whom he has a little crush on. He collects the drug packets scattered by the idiot dealer and accidentally clutches onto a red envelope which he thinks is a drug packet.

Mao Mao’s grandma is happy to see Ming-Han accepting this ghost marriage proposal but he again dismisses this belief. On his way back to the office, he gets himself encountered one and the other misfortunate events that led him to believe that it’s because of the red envelope. He unwillingly marries Mao Mao and is taken to his home for marriage rituals and there he meets the ghost, Mao Mao.

Marry My Dead Body On Netflix Review: Ghost Marriage An Absurd-Slapstick Comedy

Mao Mao starts helping him with his case and his job as a real cop but in return Mao Mao wants Han to chase the person who hit him and left to die.

‘Incredible Fun’- Fans loved the movie with all their hearts

The movie has an ample amount of roller coaster event that creates a lot of comical events. Fans actually loved the whole concept of the movie and a fan wrote-‘Spent my 2 hours watching Netflix’s “Marry my Dead Body“- not my usual film to watch, but it was incredibly fun. A story of a gay guy’s “ghost marriage” that encompasses seeking justice, the father’s unconditional love, comedic acts, and life’s lessons. Must watch!’. Another wrote-‘most of it but then then ending really got me emotional because it got serious out of nowhere lol. It was better than I thought it would be for a “trash movie to put on in the background” and one of the characters is really cute and funny. But yeah, it had me tearing up lol’. A fan tweeted-‘Marry my dead body, it’s on Netflix, it’s actually so good. Another wrote-‘ Watching “Marry My Dead Body” on Netflix and loving every second of it lol TW bls never disappoint, be it drama or a movie’.

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