Famous Mainstream Stars Who Appeared On Broadway

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For an artist, there are no boundaries; be it an art form or the expression of the art. We have seen artists jumping from singing to acting and from acting to other art forms all the time. This is quite common in the case of child stars who start at a very young age or people who have graduated from art schools.

One of the very important things that most people forget while labeling an actor is that most of the actors stay in the industry for a very long time before they get their big break. This happened to a lot of big actors like Jon Hamm, Harrison Ford, and Jessica Chastain. To ensure that actors and performers are able to expand their shelf life, most of them jump to other forms like Broadway as well.

Most people think that Broadway is relatively a small platform, given that your audience is limited and you do not get the fame you deserve. Especially because acting in movies and TV shows will help you get more eyeballs and you are more likely to become famous overnight. This is becoming more common, thanks to content streaming sites and affordable cable TV connections like Spectrum. For more details, visit its help page.

However, Broadway still holds a lot of value, and critics believe that Broadway has a much bigger impact and it is extremely difficult because you are not just acting but also singing. Maybe this is the reason established and famous Hollywood actors jump to the Broadway stage every now and then.

Famous Mainstream Stars Who Appeared On Broadway

If you are curious, we have a list of some of the famous actors who made their way to Broadway and gained appreciation as well.

1- Tom Hanks

Number one on our list, we have the man who can do it all. Yes, you have guessed it right; we are talking about no one else but Tom Hanks. Believe it or not, our very own Mr. Forest Gump made his Broadway debut in 2013 via Lucky Star. Lucky Star was iconic in many ways because it was the last piece written by the famous writer Nora Ephron and had the most iconic actor of the time Tom Hanks. To give a seal of approval, critics appreciated the show and later Hank was nominated for a Tony award for this show as well.

2- Andrew Garfield

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is not just a full-time superhero but also a part-time Broadway actor and a strikingly good-looking human being. Okay, I should not be bragging about him but trust me when I say, there is nothing that this man cannot do. Andrew Garfield has earned his reputation as a star boy by working in multiple Broadway shows including Death of a Salesman and Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. With his work in both big screen and Broadway, he has earned a lot of praise so it comes as no surprise that he has earned his Tony Award as well.

3- Al Pacino

The man, the ledged, the icon, and the myth all in one, Al Pacino is known to be the past, present, and future. Therefore, you could not expect anything less from this when he stepped on Broadway. Well, Pacino has not just one but two Tony awards, and critics feel he can earn a lot more if he is willing to work on Broadway more. Mr. Scarface has worked on not just one or two Broadway shows but on multiple shows including Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie? and The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel. To sum it up, man knows how to impress and we expect nothing less from the Godfather.

4- Daniel Radcliffe

Maybe in the wizarding world, you expect Harry to do well with all his magic but in real life, you might not expect the shy British actor to impress you. However, you will be shocked and awestruck by his exceptional performance on Broadway as well. Radcliffe starred in multiple Broadway shows and was applauded by both audience and critics. While his performance was the talk of the town, he also made rounds for his full frontal scene on the live show. If you think, his magic is limited to the muggle world, you need to guess again because he also has the Tony Award jury under his spell as he has earned his first Tony in 2011 for how to succeed in business without really trying.

5- Hugh Jackman

We know you know him already and you have seen his remarkable work in musicals, as a handsome Australian hunk, as a duke, and even as a superhero. Yes, we are talking about our X-men hero Hugh Jackman, who was loved by everyone in the industry or otherwise. Describing Jackman leaves most people at a loss for words because he is not just a brilliant actor but also an exceptional singer. Jackman has not just starred in one but multiple Broadway shows including A Steady Rain, The Boy from Oz, and Music Man. Moreover, Jackman has also earned his Tony Award for exceptional work in Music Man.

Wrap Up

Broadway might not have a much bigger audience but they sure know how to put on a show. If you also think Broadway is not as good as the silver screen, the above-mentioned actors will prove you wrong.

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