Emily in Paris Season 3: Teaser trailer reveals the start date for the continuation of the Netflix dramedy

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The dramedy “Emily in Paris” will return to streaming service Netflix with season 3. Now Netflix delights the fans with a first teaser trailer and the official start date. You can find out everything about the sequel here.

  • The dramedy “Emily in Paris” returns to Netflix in December 2022 with season 3 and season 4 is also already confirmed.
  • In the sequel, all previous main actors should be back. In addition, there is a reunion with Lucien Laviscount as Alfie.
  • As part of the TUDUM fan event, the streaming service has now released the first short teaser trailer.

“Emily in Paris” returned to streaming service Netflix at the end of 2021 with season 2. Already a short time later, there were several pieces of good news. On the one hand, Netflix has officially extended the dramedy for a 3rd and 4th season. On the other hand, Alfie actor Lucien Laviscount will also be seen more often in the episodes coming in December 2022. Now Netflix gives you a glimpse of the upcoming events with the first teaser trailer.

Emily in Paris Season 3: Release Date

It’s official! “Emily in Paris” returns to Netflix with season 3. Now the streamer has also revealed the exact start date for season 3. Just in time for Christmas, on December 21, 2022, we will be gifted with the new episodes about Emily and her exciting life in Paris.

Emily in Paris Season 3: Trailer

During the TUDUM fan event, Netflix has now released a first teaser trailer for the sequel of “Emily in Paris”. The short video already promises that the new episodes will again bring some romantic drama for Emily. In addition, Emily is now rocking a (self-)cut fringe, but her friends seem rather a bit worried than thrilled by this sudden makeover.

Emily in Paris Season 3: Plot

At the end of season 2, fans were left with a major cliffhanger. Emily’s career could take a turn depending on what she decides to do. If she stays with Savoir and the Gilbert group, her Chicago boss, Madeline, will probably promote her.

But after Sylvie, Luc and Julien leave Savoir, Sylvie invites Emily to be part of a new team in Paris. So in season 3, we’ll see what Emily decides to do.

Season 2 also messed up Emily’s love life. First, she found herself in a love triangle with Gabriel and Camille. Then she started a relationship with her language course partner Alfie. But when he went back to the UK, she finds that she is still in love with Gabriel.

Gabriel, however, got back together with Camille in the meantime, leaving Emily alone for the time being. That could change in season 3, though. Because with the confirmation that Lucien Laviscount will once again take on the role of Alfie, the participant in the game of relationships is back in the game.

Emily in Paris season 3: Cast

Also in season 3 we should see all the previous main characters again. That is, Lily Collins (“Les Misérables,” “The Last Tycoon”) would again take on the role of Emily Cooper. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu would return as Sylvie Grateau and Lucas Bravo would be seen again as Gabriel.

Ashley Park could return to play Mindy Chen, while Bruno Gouery would reprise the role of Luc. Samuel Arnold would portray Julien and Camille Razat would return as Camille.

Emily’s liaison with Alfie also doesn’t seem to be over yet. According to industry publication Deadline, actor Lucien Laviscount (“Snatch”) will also be in the new episodes. And that with a promotion to the main cast of the series. Apparently, the charming cynic has not given up on Emily yet.

Emily in Paris Season 3: Production

“Emily in Paris” is a project of the series creator of “Sex and the City” as well as “And Just Like That…“, Darren Star. According to industry publication ScreenRant, filming is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2022. This would make a start of the new episodes in winter 2022/2023 quite realistic.

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