Chris Hemsworth ‘On Fire’ doing an action-sequence in Extraction 2

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The ‘Thor’ of Avengers, Chris Hemsworth doesn’t have fear in his dictionary. The actor who plays ‘God of Thunder’ and a commander in Extraction, has gotten himself bruised, injured and what not while performing stunts. Recently, the actor opened about his craziness to do difficult stunts even though it means getting himself ‘on fire’. The sequel to 2020 movie ‘Extraction‘ where Chris plays Tyler Rake is seen rescuing a family in Dhaka from a ruthless gangster.

He even mentioned that some stunts go wrong on the sets getting injury in all possible ways. Chris says- “Oh, yeah, yeah. Lots of bumps and scrapes and all that,” he mentioned while interviewing with People.

Chris Hemsworth stunts ‘Part of the Fun’

Thor: Love and Thunder actor doesn’t feel that stunts makes you sit at home and avoid them but are part of the fun as the character demands to be bruised and looking raw on the screen. The actor is always ready to do something fun and jump from building to building, landing on trains, jumping from helicopters.

Chris Hemsworth 'On Fire' doing an action-sequence in Extraction 2
Jasin Boland/Netflix

According to People, Chris Hemsworth says-“Initially when [director] Sam Hargrave pitched it to me, I was kind of shaking my head going, ‘Hang on, hang on, how is this even possible?’ And then the excitement kicks in,” the Marvel actor replied.

The actor also says that sometimes it makes him feel like a kid and getting himself involved in something crazy and some sporting experience. Chris’s three kids love to see him in action and while shooting for the sequel his kids wanted to participate in the stunts.

Jumping in Fire and six weeks to Shoot a 21-min fight scene

Chris Hemsworth gave a behind scene experience while doing an action sequence for Extraction 2, which took 6 weeks for just 21 min scene in the entire movie. With 300-400 extras in the opening shot and everything was on fire and later Tyler(Chris Hemsworth) caught fire. With 14-hour rehearsals, the team rehearsed for the stunts day after day. The actor concluded saying that it was the most physically and mentally draining experience in his career till now. But loves to experiment with different things.

Chris Hemsworth 'On Fire' doing an action-sequence in Extraction 2
@Chris Hemsworth/Twitter

Plot of Extraction 2

Tyler Rake is back on the field and his next mission is to save a family from a ruthless gangster who has kept them hostage. The movie is set to be releasing this Friday on 16 June 2023.

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