Knuckles: Cary Elwes & Christopher Lloyd in Hedgehog Spin-off series

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One of the popular franchises Sonic The Hedgehog whose part 3 Sonic the Hedgehog is in the pre-production stage and also in the process of the Hedgehog Spin-off series where you’ll be seen more Hedgehogs in the real world and explore their lives. The first movie Sonic The Hedgehog was released on 14th February 2020 which was a success at the box office and the second movie was released on 8th April 2022 which beats the first movie at the box office and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 whose release date is 20th December 2024 which was clashed with Avatar 3 but it’s delayed due to Writers Guild Strike which means that Sonic the Hedgehog 3 by solo released on Chrismas 2024.

Let’s see the latest news about the Hedgehog Spin-off series casting, release date, ott platform, expected storyline, and trailer.

Cary Elwes & Christopher Lloyd join Hedgehog Spin-off series

The casting of the Hedgehog Spin-off Series

The Casting of the Hedgehog Spin-off series was it’s already announced that Idris Elba as Knuckles and Adam Pally as Wade Whippe is already in the cast after the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie. According to Collider, Christopher Lloyd, Cary Elwes, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, and Stockard Channing joined in the voice of other CGI characters.

Along with the other recurring cast Julia Barratt, Edi Patterson, Scott Mescudi, Rory McCann, and Ellie Taylor as guest appearances. The creative team are James Madejski and Brain Schacter along with Jeff Fowler who has directed Sonic The Hedgehog part 1 and 2. John Whittington wrote the screenplay, and Jeff Fowler and Idris Elba along with Toby Ascher, Neal H. Moritz, and Whittington in the production team and Paramount production company will be produced the Hedgehog Spin-off series just like the movie series.

Christopher Lloyed
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Expected Storyline of Hedgehog Spin-off Series

The expected storyline of the Hedgehog Spin-off series is not revealed yet but it may be set before or after the Sonic the Hedgehog movie series which watch to see excited the origin story of Knuckles.

Cary Elwes & Christopher Lloyd join Hedgehog Spin-off series
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Release date, Trailer, and when it premiered Hedgehog Spin-off Series

According to Wikipedia, the Hedgehog Spin-off series titled Knuckles as per IGN will be released in late 2023 in any popular streaming service which will be revealed soon and the trailer of the Hedgehog Spin-off series will be released by the makers.

In conclusion, Idris Elba will be returned as Knuckles in the lead role of the Hedgehog Spin-off series whose filming is completed according to the Video Games Chronicle. As Variety Paramount Pictures has confirmed the series which is titled Knuckles and soon release date will be announced by the creators of the series. 

If you haven’t watched the Sonic The Hedgehog movie series then watch it on Prime Video before the Hedgehog spin-off series premiere.

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