Behind Your Touch Episode 6 Preview: What Expect In Episode 6 Behind Your Touch

Get Ready For Some Spoilers!!

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Popular K-drama Behind Your Touch finally dropped Episode 5 on Saturday. The new episode has new beginnings and a parcel of puzzle and suspense. The light-hearted show is gradually moving from a comedy and romance to an intense show with a mystery of killing people in Mujin. Detective Moon and Dr.Bo should get him/her before he/she murders more individuals.

Behind Your Touch Episode 6 Preview: What Expect In Episode 6 Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch Episode 6: Preview

With a new twist of MeTuber murdered in the previous episode; a new case and mystery of the serial killer will be shown. In the promo of the next episode Detective Moon is attacked as he walks past a secluded place. He is stabbed and Dr.Boo takes him to the hospital. She didn’t see who is that man but Detective Moon did have a lead to something or should we say to someone. He was also seen talking to Woo asking him multiple questions like where he is from and what he is doing.

A lot will be revealed in the next episode. Stay tuned to be blown away.

Behind Your Touch Episode 6: When will the next episode be released

Behind Your Touch, Episode 6 will be released on 27 August 2023. The series will have 16 episodes and is available on Netflix.

Behind Your Touch Episode 5: Plot

Episode 5 of Behind Your Touch begins, with the night the influencer is murdered. She is dragged to a place and later brutally killed. The scene shifts to General McArthur shaman who is praying early at dawn when he hears some meek noises from the bushes. As he walks past to see if it’s a ghost but finds an animal buried deep down in the ground; probably taking his final breath.

He immediately leaves for Dr.Bo’s clinic where Bo treats him appropriately. She tells Woo and Shaman that the puppy should be fine. Later, the scene shifts to the police station where the conflict between the two parties turns into a bullfight. All are injured and bandaged. The officers try to investigate who started it but nothing is attained. They get another case of a stolen fish detector from Detective Moon’s landlord who has a boat for catching fish.

Behind Your Touch Episode 6 Preview: What Expect In Episode 6 Behind Your Touch

A helper named Ali who is the prime suspect is thought as the culprit of the theft. Detective Moon asks Dr.Bo to help him. She does accept it but with only one condition that he will help her find the puppy’s owner. As Bo and Woo investigate who must have done this crime, Bo just loves to spend time with him. Later Bo takes things too far with Moon as she takes him to a nail salon and a diamond ring which enhances her seeing capacity and she sees the puppy’s owner’s place.

As they arrive at first the man denies that he owns the puppy and later confesses that he wanted to make money out of it as the influencers do on MeTube. He doesn’t take him back and the puppy is disheartened.

The scene shifts to Detective Moon helping Dr.Bo with the puppy; he now asks her to see the case of a stolen fish detector. He asks her to touch Ali’s butt to see did he actually stole it. She finds that he did do something but can’t understand as he speaks in Arabic. She learns and later makes out that Ali’s mother is sick and needs money for surgery.

Bo and Moon find out that Ali took help from some goons who have now caught Bo and Moon and will now kill them. They throw both Bo and Moon into the sea but Ali saves them in time. They arrest the goons and Ali also confesses his crime and Detective Moon arrests him.

The landlord and Ali’s boss try to evade the crime but Moon doesn’t do that and takes him to the police station. The scene Behind Your Touch shifts to a local fish-catching port where some fishers are talking and the dead body of the influencer is shown dropped like garbage.

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