Apple TV+ CANCELLED ‘City on Fire’ after Season 1, Fans say: ‘never heard of it’

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‘City on Fire’: Top shows like Ted Lasso, Black Bird, and The Morning Show, Apple TV+ has had enormous success. However, the streamer has also been axing series after a single episode, much like Netflix, which has been cancelling numerous shows after one season. Sadly, another of these Apple-owned service’s original programs has been announced to be cancelled after one season. 

When you were just beginning to become immersed in the plot and characters of a streaming show, it’s disappointing to learn that it didn’t last past its first season. High Desert Dashed, a Patricia Arquette-starring Apple TV+ original series, and the wrestling documentary Monster Factory were both cancelled on July 1. On August 1, it was also revealed that Suspicion, yet another Apple TV+ program, will not receive a second season. The movie City on Fire, which is based on the Garth Risk Hallberg novel, is about the murder of an NYU student who was tied to a string of citywide fires. The termination of this book-adapted series isn’t particularly shocking given the lack of hype it had in comparison to other Apple TV+ productions like Silo and Hijack.

City On Fire
Apple Tv+

Why is City On Fire cancelled? 

After a single, eight-episode season, Apple TV+ decided to cancel City on Fire, as reported by Deadline. After Season 1 of the show ended in mid-June, the show’s discontinuation was announced around a month and a half later. When compared to some of the streamer’s other recent releases, according to Deadline, City on Fire wasn’t nearly the hit Apple TV+ had hoped for.

The film City on Fire is based on Garth Risk Hallberg’s 2015 book of the same name. To that purpose, the entire plot of the novel is covered in the first and only season of the show. In that regard, it did not leave viewers on a suspenseful note. 

But rather than a limited series, Apple TV+ ordered the adaptation as a drama series. In addition, the series did hint at a potential second season in its conclusion. Notably, it would not have been unusual for the live-action series to extend the plot beyond what is in the novel. (Prime Video’s Good Omens is a recent instance of a television adaptation achieving precisely that.) Wyatt Oleff, Jemima Kirke, Nico Tortorella, Ashley Zukerman, Xavier Clyde, Max Milner, Alexandra Doke, Omid Abtahi, Kathleen Munroe, John Cameron Mitchell, Alexander Pineiro, and Michael Tow are all featured in City on Fire in addition to Wonders. All eight episodes of the show were written by the aforementioned Schwartz and Savage. Directors included Jesse Peretz, Haifaa al-Mansour, and Liz Garbus.

Apple Tv+ Cancelled ‘City On Fire’ After Season 1, Fans Say: ‘Never Heard Of It’
Apple Tv+

Fans take a dig at the City On Fire’s lead actor after the cancellation of the show 

There won’t be any unsolved cliffhangers to frustrate the show’s viewers. Although there were plot points that hinted at a second season’s continuation, the first season appears to complete the book’s narrative. So, rather than feeling cheated out of knowing what will happen next, it should be a relief. However, fans are quite feeling sad for the lead actor of the show Wyatt Oleff for not getting good projects. Let’s see how fans react to this.

A fan says “Never heard of it.”

Another fan added, “Most new shows are marketed so little that the first time you hear about them is when they’re cancelled.”

“Someone save Wyatt Oleff pls all his projects get cancelled after one season even though they are good”, A person added.
Says a fan, “Omg that poor kid from the IT movie, why all his TV projects getting cancelled after a season”
Another fan tweets, “wyatt oleff is good but every show he works on perishes lucy hale school of acting curse”

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